Status of Marriage and Potential Issues We can face?!!

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asked on Nov 1, 2009 at 05:40
by   Kumar
I am a Hindu Boy who had fallen in love with a Girl who born to Hindu Parents who had converted to Islam after their marriage.
On checking her Birth Certificate I found that her name is stated according to the Non-Muslim format, Eg. RUBI A/P INDRAN.
Both her parents name are also mentioned in the same format using INDRAN A/L MUTHU AND RANI A/P NATHAN.
However under the heading of Bangsa or Keturunan Bapa it states as Indian Muslim.
At the age of 18 when applying for MYKad her mom had originally entered the detail of her religion as Islam, however after a year at the moment of picking up the MYKad the officer asked her if she is a Muslim. She replied negatively and stated her religion as HINDU. Thus her status was Changed to Hindu. I had also verified the content of the MYKad. Her official records since then has been consistently Hindu.
We applied for Marital Registration as per civil law successfully. Infact I had made a sword affidavit of not being married etc and we submitted all documents including copies of Birth Certificates etc.We have obtained our certificate which mentions both our religion as Hindu.
I just want to be sure that her status as Hindu is unchallenged in any case.
We have been feeling a little strained thinking of the potential issues involving the legality of marriage , future children and inheritance etc.
We are however committed to see this through, but knowing facts would be the right place to start.
I would  like to know if there is any potential problem that we might face together or invidually. I would really appreciate some concrete feedbacks.
So your opinions are most welcome and if its not too much trouble do give us suggestions.
Thank you
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answered on Nov 1, 2009 at 07:14
by   vkpc
Convert to Islam then no worries....
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