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asked on Jul 22, 2013 at 21:52
Good day everyone!! I really Thank the Lord Jesus that He saved me from this kind of scam.Right after i read the message just like the same message you post here I replied to him that I'll support him and pray for him. Days after while checking for the new messages i checked on the internet regarding the place Laban island in south Malaysia and I saw this this link, while reading i was shocked that it was the same message he sent me and a few minutes after, i receive a call from India saying his from world wide security and he was talking regarding the package and instructed me to go to embassy and prepare $1500 dollars for the package charge. Good thing i am not fool to do that. Here's the catch if you're going to send a package from one place to another aren't you going to pay for its freight charge? why shoulder the charges to the recipient? sound something fishy right?

Anyways, He use the name Fabian Desmond.
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