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asked on Jun 26, 2013 at 23:34
This was a package that was sent to me from The Uk from an friend who claims that I must paid 4,000.00 to get this package release I have already sent 300.00 which convert over to Malaysia Money in the amount of 890.55 and the 400.00 which convert to 1,235.07 which come up to 2,125. will this all I send because it seem as if this package has been open and held from custom to immigration now. and they are demanding 4,000.00 dollars for them to release this package claiming that there is big money in the package if there is such a law then I feel that people should be warned that this is just a scam that I lost 700.00 american money too but no more shall I send a this time because AI simply don't have it and won't be taken any  more. this guy is good because he has you thinking that this is for real and he inlove with you I can't believe I fell for this I hate I sent my money looking for nothing in return because it never was real from the start. Thanks for this site I will leave this alone because it not real.
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