Is there an expiry date to report a scam?

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asked on Oct 24, 2015 at 17:56
by   Willy
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I have zero knowledge on law field and I'm seeing quite some help in this forum. This is what's bothering me now.

We did paid a deposit to a car rental company to rent a vehicle, after we returned vehicle back to them, they gave us a cheque and after that we bank in it as usual. But the problems is that cheque bounced back and the company didn't give us any reasons about why it happened.

So we choose to wait since they did reply that their manager was outstation and not able to proceed a payment, and we keep on waiting almost a month.

There is a question which we are afraid of - "is there any expiry date to report a scam case?", like after a month this kind of case happened, if we didn't lodge a police report then our deposit considered burn.

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answered on Mar 22, 2016 at 11:19
by   vkpc
There is no time limit for crimes.
There is a time limit for civil cases which is 6 years.

If you make a report, most likely the police will classify this case as a civil case, meaning they will do nothing.
It is up to you to sue the company yourself. ( if you think it is worth it )
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