Romance & Package Delivery Scam: Scammer Lover Thomas Johnson

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asked on Dec 6, 2011 at 04:17
by   kathy
I am thankful that I saw this site and share it.. in order others may be aware of this.

Hi Darling!

I bought my ticket and confirmed my flight to  Venezuela late so I was busy running around to make my journey and also send the parcel that I promised.

I have sent the parcel containing Perfumes, a gold ring and necklace with a rose flower and the sum of 7,500 pounds sealed in the same pack to enable you settle some of your daily needs and to take good care of your self, I can imagine how hard you could be working just alone to make a better life. Just accept this token from my heart.

Since there was no time to contact you any longer for your bank account details to do a bank transaction I had no option than to sealed the money in the same pack with the gold ring and necklace, perfumes and flower as promised.

I sent it to your name and address you gave me (Catherine A. Castejon No.10 Krona St. Meralco Village Taytay, Rizal code: 1920 +639092178708 From my inquiry the pack will arrive to its destination 3 to 4 day’s time.

Name: A-Z Logistics Services
Tracking Number: 59922661

go to the company website and tracking it through online tracking to know when the parcel will arrive to your country.

Please let me know when you receive the pack.

Dear you know my heart is open for you. This short moment we have met and chatted together has been an elevation in my life so I willingly decide to share with you.

I will always be there for you. I have to go in a hurry now. Just few minutes away to departure.

I will contact you when I arrive. or you can contact me with this numbers

CALL ONLY +447031741923

SMS ONLY  +447935552024

I love you,


A-Z Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd (79344-V)
No.68 Jalan SS11/5, 62500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tell: +60192101374

5 December 2011

Delivery Address: No.10 Krona St. Meralco Village Taytay, Rizal code: 1920



Attention: Catherine A. Castejon

With reference to the delivery of your package, I wish to bring to your notice that your package has been placed on hold by the Authority for some reasons which happened to violate the shipping policies. As the goods were brought on transit point Malaysia, at the transit check point, the Authority detected that currency were included in your parcel.

Thereby, certain commissions must be paid as a duty via us which is for the immediate clearance of your package. For the main time refer on the “status" of your package during tracking, this is in accordance to the mode of operations in the Courier sector for financial delivery. We have already taken order number for this package from the Authority.

You are required to follow all instructions giving to you to facilitate the release of your package. To do this, you are required to pay the required Charges listed below for the immediate release of your package.

Upon Confirmation of payment, your package will be delivered to your destination address under some hours from the time we confirm your payment.

Outstanding Charges:

Administrative: RM104.79

Clearance: RM1,785

TOTAL: RM1,889.79

A total of RM1,889.79 (One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Nine Malaysia Rinngit Only) has been charge. In acknowledgment to this email, account details shall be provided to you for the payment as stated above for the release of your package.

Thank you, as i hope I have made my self clear to you by this notice as directed by the management.

Thank you for using a-z logistics services for your delivery packages And for your business needs.

For more inquiries Tel: +60192101374

Present your order number when calling so that we can honor your calls. We are glad to be at your service.

Yours Faithfully.

Mrs. Helen Asenado
Operational Manager
A-z logistics services Malaysia
Tell: +60192101374


Dear Sir/madam,


Please.. Do not contact me. I am not responsible for the package by Mr. THOMAS JOHNSON because his the one who's concern to bring me a parcel as a gift. His number is
MMS +447935552024
CP +447031741923      .

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answered on Nov 7, 2014 at 13:13
by   enni
edited May 25, 2016 at 20:51

Its me again from Filipino Cupid; It was really good to receive email from you. I am doing well here, everything is great. My life is awesome and my job is beautiful, having understanding friends who keep me going. How about you? Hopefully everything is just fine and happening the way what you expected them to be.
You really look nice, just what I'm looking for! How about we get to know each other a bit better and see what will happen. I want to tell you about my fate when feeling are so powerful it’s as if some force beyond my control is guiding me to someone who can make me happy beyond my wildest dreams.
You may want to tell me some more about yourself in the area of religion, and what you will like to get out of this friendship assuming it grows positively... well about me,
To start about myself, I am Thomas Johnson, going to be 43 this year, living and working in England. My father is late and Mum is in  UK, born as British with Australian character. I am working as a mining Engineer in shell here in London. I have work for years. Being a single person, working so much without having much time for myself most of my time spent in offshore and I just enjoy it though it’s very tiring. I love to chill out with my friends during weekends, go to mall, watching football and once a month I will going to my Mum’s house in Bolton to visit her and take my nieces and nephews for outing.
I am a Man who is hilariously funny, understanding, energetic, spontaneous and stone headed but very soft hearted. I also a man with very strong principle and always try to take my religion along with me, wherever I go, whenever it is and with whoever I am. I respect different religion exist in this world because they hold similar teachings which brings peace to everyone and makes you a better man. It sounds a little boring…well that’s how I am when it comes into serious matter. I will tell you more about me as soon as you tell me a bit about you.
Finally, I will wait for life time for your response and please do not hurry to write me because I know we all lead a busy life, so please take your time and write me when you have the chance to do so.

I saw your profile and you look cool, yes I like you and i think you understand what I mean? Can you send me your different photos for me to see you well?

Thinking of you,
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answered on Jan 11, 2015 at 16:47
by   Lily
edited May 24, 2016 at 18:10
I hope this thread can help you avoid being scammed.

I am very sorry for not been able to reach you for sometime, I have not checked my email or do anything else except trying to Join the crew here to settle the fault that resulted again  as a result of the damaged brain box which we have been battling with since this week and was fixed yesterday but affected the electrical and communication system in the ship and that is why we have not been able to communicate by email. Honey you don't need to apologize to me you have done nothing wrong my sweet sugar. Thanks for the lovely picture, I thought I was romantic but you always have a way of wining.

This morning the Captain announced to us that we are currently using the Auxiliary Services while they try to fix it. So as a rail engineer this is not my field, I just have to wait for them to do their job and finish the repairs.

According to the Captain ,The DC is currently supplying Voltages way below what it should supply affect lighting and other Equipment in the ship. The maximum Power is 1000 but right now the ship is running way below that and other services like cooking and heating, lighting and Receptacle Outlets, Internal communications are been affected limiting Navigation to only the human eyes.

Well they are still working and may be having some progress. Please I need your prayers and I will always update you but be rest assured that I am fine and their Engineering team is working tirelessly to make it work.

How are you doing Honey. I miss you so much and want to Let you know that despite all that I have written above I have not been able to get you out of my mind. All I think about now is spending quality time with you.

Thanks for been there for me. You are such a sweetie. I love you so much and I promise to love you forever and I am praying for you to get well soon.

I love you baby.

Your Man,
Dave Eric.
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answered on Jan 30, 2015 at 18:58
by   jane
edited Mar 30, 2016 at 20:56
OMG! I read this all your post its was they same situation. This was his message to me.

Hi Darling! 

I bought my ticket and confirmed my flight to Mexico yesterday late so I was busy running around to make my journey and also send the BOX that I promised. 

I have sent the BOX containing some gadget and Money ( pounds )and my pictures album sealed with some Christmas and New year gift for you and for your family in the same pack to enable you settle some of your daily needs and to take good care of yourself. until I will come to meet you and we meet, I can imagine how hard you could be working just alone to make a better life. Just accept this token from my heart. I hope you enjoyed your holidays?

Since there was no time to contact you any longer for your bank account details to do a bank transaction I had no option than to sealed the money in the same BOX with the gadget as promised. all the list of the items are inside the BOX and it is 55 kg BOX. A little big and heavy. 

I sent it to your name and address you gave me in (MARIA JANE F. VALENCIA West Poblacion, Bacong, Negros Oriental Philippines +6390574 93887 from my inquiry the pack will arrive to your address in  3 to 4 days day’s time (2 FEBRUARY   MONDAY  2015). I sent it through BRITISH AIRWAYS CARGO COMPANY and will be cleared and delivered by local delivery company or agent. 

Please let me know when you receive the pack. 

Dear you know my heart is open for you .This short moment we have meet and chatted together has been an elevation in my life so I willingly decide to share with you. I will always be there for you. I have to go in a hurry now. Just few minutes away to departure I will contact you when I arrive. Or you can contact me with this numbers 
CALL ONLY +442035192245 
SMS ONLY +447935552024 

I love you, 
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answered on Jan 31, 2015 at 05:43
by   carmen
edited Mar 30, 2016 at 20:59
I just read this and this is the exactly same case happened to my mother, she paid RM6700 for this before telling me and now she did because they asked for RM14,000 and said if my mother doesn't do so, they will sue her and she will get fine RM50,000. She told me and I found out that it was a scam. They kept asking for more money and said it was because the detected too much currency.

The money was paid through cash deposit at Hong Leong bank to some woman who named Laisi Binti Lipat who called my mother and claimed herself to be a custom officer, who is also fake. The guy's name was Michael Justin Davies.
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answered on Mar 25, 2015 at 18:10
by   Anonymous
edited May 24, 2016 at 17:56
I received the same email from John. Oh may God! I tough it was real. Thank God now I know. That's why something wrong in that email now I found that he is a scammer... Thanks for the info from net.
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answered on Jun 11, 2015 at 10:24
by   Last one
edited Apr 27, 2016 at 19:13
He has two names I know. He uses the name Allen Mark and Gill Martims... Ladies, beware! He just have one friend and that be you. The pictures are not real.
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answered on Jun 26, 2015 at 12:40
by   Anne
edited Jan 23, 2017 at 10:34
New name and contact of scammer (strikes again)

Hello my dear thank you for writing me guess you are doing fine as always.I will like to know more about you and what you do for living? I will like to tell you more about myself but where do I start from okay. My name is Leonard Andrew. I am a British Irish live in London. I am an Engineer by profession. I like your profile and you look so beautiful. I work with Marine shipping company Ltd here in the U.K. I have been with the company for 15 years as the director of operations.I am the only child of my late parents Professor and Mrs Victoria Leonard of the blessed memory. I was married before, but lost my wife in a car wreck Six years ago. May her soul rest in peace. I have one daughter, Her name is Rosemary. I want to spend the rest of my life with someone who is friendly, honest, caring, trustworthy and God fearing. I find very much peace and tranquility. Height 173 cm 5' 8.1" Weight 80 kg 218 lbs with a athletic build, mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, a good listener, God Fearing, and a positive person. I am real easy person to talk to and a loving and outgoing father. I enjoy playing sax which I do often at my leisure time. I like going to the movies, or watching movies in my room or Cabin, I like swimming, listening to music and dance to any kind of music, I sing, sailing, going bowling and also a good cook. I am a family oriented person, love children and there is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself.

It is very important for me to build a life of stability, security, and opportunity for the special person I hope to share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, dreams and fantasies with, and to offer the best opportunities for any kid that might be included in my life, both mine and that special person children, and that is my focus at this time and I also do enjoy my job though risky because we are always on the high sea. I am really interested in waiting to know about what makes you the special person you are today, I want to know more about your family, your background, your life experiences, past relationships, your goals and dreams, your interests, and anything else you want to tell me. I even want to learn about the secrets you very rarely share with someone! So come on and share it all with me, as I am not here to talk to you about general things such as partying, the weather, sports, e.t.c. I want to learn about you and what makes up your heart and soul, as the friendship I want to build with you I want it to be like no other you have ever shared in or experienced. This friendship I want to build with you will be filled with substance, quality, spirituality, love, faithfulness and potential. Hope to hear from you soon. Until then have a pleasant day.
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answered on Aug 10, 2015 at 17:18
by   kharmz
edited Mar 30, 2016 at 21:00
Thomas Johnson is also using different names such as King Bruce and phone number +14049194276. Please be aware. He is sending me the same messages. Just recently.
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answered on Aug 29, 2015 at 10:27
by   Lizzy
He's going by the name of David Riley & has called me a few times & texted. There have been emails etc. He has an American accent, although I do believe there's a gang of them.
His mobile number is +19405607391.
He did his best to try & turn me against my daughter who proved it was a scam by contacting Maersk shipping line.
This man/these men are nasty & will go to any lengths to keep you hooked.
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answered on Sep 2, 2015 at 06:39
by   Samuel Abel
edited Apr 27, 2016 at 19:04
He sent me a lot of messages:

My Dearest Wife,

What ever situation I found my self I always give Glory to God. Please I need your prayers seriously. We are in a very serious problem here and need God intervention. The brain box of the ship is having a very serious problem and we are all confused here. The Tsunami in Japan is also affecting the ship and beside we just received information from the Signal house that there are sea pirates from Indonesia blocking the sea and they are about 312 KM away from us and the nearest place for this Ship to anchor is Laban Island somewhere in South India.

As it is now, we are no longer safe because we fear the pirates attack because the ship is very slow now. We have called for a rescue team but we are yet to get a response from our headquarters. The captains of the Ship have announced that all passengers should offload their goods for another means of transportation as the SHIP will duck here for another 20 days until its safe to continue sailing.

Honey my problem now is, valuable documents my money (250,000) Great British pounds which I kept in my cabin safe box. I do not want it stolen from me in the event of any attack. My plan was to use this money to buy Metal oil in drums from Australia and supply to a company in Mexico I already had contract agreement with.

My wife, as a Director of Operation in this Ship, it’s not possible for me to move along with the passenger because I have to take care of this ship until all GOODS/PRODUCT are completely discharged.

Now there are so many security company stands at the sea shore and I am thinking of what to do? and at this time I need you to stand by me .. I don't know what to do now; I want to quickly send you the money so that you can help me to secure it in your place until I have the chance to make my trip and meet you soonest.

I know we have not met each other but I TRUST you and give you my whole heart so that life can move straight with us and I know you will never disappoint or halt me because we are already two in one flesh. I have learned to take life as it happens as I remember everything happens for a reason.

I will discussed with one of the security company here on the Sea. They will proceed delivery immediately I get a confirmation from you to assist me in receiving this money because there is no bank here and I don't want to loose this money to sea pirates because I know how I suffered for it.

Honey quickly forward to me your information as follows to enable me send the money to you immediately through Arab Cargo Asia security company:-

Your Full Name :
Your Receiving Address:
Phone number:
Your Email Address:
Please get back to me as soon as possible.

From yours Husband,
Engr.Samuel Abel
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