Package Scam: Courier via Quick Way Security Malaysia and payment required for clearance.

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asked on Sep 9, 2015 at 00:31
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I'm from Malaysia and I knew a guy from name 'Kelvin Yang'. He said he is Malaysian but stayed at UK and worked there. He then asked me to use Wechat for conversation, and his Wechat name is 'Colleen Rogers'. His Wechat ID is colleens42. His email address is We chatted for about 2 months, and one day he said that he want to come to Malaysia and meet me, and he request to send his package to me while he need to travel to Canada for a project before he can come over to Malaysia. He did call me with cell phone +447937445048 but I was not able to pick up, and I found this number tag to another Wechat account with a Chinese girl name and a few of Chinese girl photos. He has another cell phone number +447937421459.

After few days, I received an email as well as call (number is +60164052462) from a so called Courier service name Quick Way Security. They called me and want me to pay RM4150 for the clearance and release order, charge of the diplomat/courier company as stated in our privacy terms and condition pay together with the local charge. The reason for this charges here is because of the extra charges due to excess weight. At the same time, Kelvin Yang also text me and want me to receive the luggage he said he send a lot of cash is the luggage and he don't wan to lost it.

Their account number is:
Bank name: CIMB
Account name: Nurul Wahila Nasution
Account number: 7020411497

I banked in the money to the account after many calls by them. After a day, they called me again and sent email to me asking for money. This time is RM13750. They want me to pay this amount for the certificate of money laundering as they found 55000Euro in the luggage. Kelvin Yang also text me and want me to pay this amount to get the cash back! I told them I don't have this amount of money, and then they want me to pay for RM4500 with the reason of pay for the rest after receive the luggage. This time they want me send to:

Name: Yeni Marlina
Account number : 07280004361202
Bank: CIMB Bank

I only aware it is a scam at this time but it is too late as I already lost RM4150! I called the +60164052462, text Kelvin Yang as well as email to Quick way Diplomatic ( but no respond from them.
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answered on Sep 15, 2015 at 08:47
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Didn't your mother teach you not to send money to strangers? Stupid.
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answered on Nov 12, 2016 at 19:07
Yeah i got the same thing also befriended a guy that was in penang and was a marine engineer in Maesk Line working there and he is from London. his name is Mark Anthony according to him and he send me a package with macbook air ipone 7 synthetic rose some jewelry and all and he said he said via diplomatic luggage. We had an argument and saying why i cant pay and all that mumbo jumbo and i felt bad initially but after alot of research online and with help from friends as well i knew it was a scam coz of the website they gave to track the parcel. i really did believe the guy initially but with the evidence in hand i just got to say its a scam. The no that called me was 60164052462  and i check online and saw this email was the no is +447943469749 email its so sad but if if the no was given same as the complain above me then its a real scam. he also has plenty of other no 018, american no as well. I cant post the pictures here. Oh well would like to be true but really it doesnt. check this website to the original website who does html ??? this is the actual website so yeah i really feel so cheated just by him saying that i simply accused him but its already proven by just looking at the website. oh well what to do luckily no money involve lol
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answered on Nov 12, 2016 at 19:30
@ steven
Pls do not be so xxxxxx
He is not a stranger but MY new lover to be
Love is BLIND
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