wanted to be transferred to 3rd party account

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asked on Aug 13, 2015 at 14:12
by   arkelaus
I had experience according to scams issue.

I met someone in social media. He said he is canadian work at International Shipping & Marine repair and service, USA. H said also live at 3708 S Wallace street Chicago, Illinois 60609 USA and has his property at 826 NE 771 Knob Noster Missouri, 65336.

He said he will go due to his job to send a ship back to Sidney, Australia. His journey started at August 2, 2015. And unfortunately, His ship got major fault and need to replacement. So, he went to Malaysia the nearby country which his ship got stuck. He brought his cash in huge amount. Then suddenly, someone called me using Malaysia phone number which is +60 10 268 1939. She said she is a custom custody officer and told that Dickson Smith got caught at Malaysia custom custody coz of his money has no legal supporting documents. She said he will be stay at custom custody office until someone pay for him US$2,850 to release him and got the money laundering certificate.
I asked her, how could I send the money? then she said, she will give the address to transfer.
I was shocked when see the address coz it was not custom custody address and how the address send to me. It was 3rd party address and send from the phone number she used to call me before.
She called me again after sending the address and told me that those guy will give my money on cash to custom custody office.

Is it all true or false condition? I need further information about all of it.

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answered on Aug 31, 2015 at 13:53
by   vkpc
Of course false lah, stupid.
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