Scam from KLIA Custom and Immigration

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It is #### too late to found this website. But lucky after first payment, I realize something is wrong between KLIA Custom and Immigration, therefore I managed to stop it immediately. I totally feel regret hard earn money just missing, but nothing much that I can do.

As What I can say, most of the story on the forum are the same thing which is happen to me. What does happen to me is, I know a guy from UK through social network. We do share some hobby experience and getting to know each other betters. Because I always have hobbies to know lot of friends from oversea to share the culture and thought together. So today what does this happen to me is the first time also will be the last.

On Monday, I received a message whereby my friends will travel down from UK to China for business trip. He also planned to stop over at Malaysia for couple of days then also send me a gift for a friendship surprise gift. So to me. It is just a normal way when visiting friends, so I don't care much but I telling him that I will be only available on weekend, if wanted to hang out and then he say "OK" bla bla so strange message and it make me feel so gay for it. So the next couple days, he text me again and tell me he just bought the ticket from his agent will travel to malaysia coming this friday. He also show me the flight schedule. My mind just thinking, "Ok" you have it your own trip so "travel safely". Day that he arrive, he did call me up with the local number that he claim that bought the number in airport, apparently I am in the mid meeting with client so I asking him to call back later.

During lunch time, I do expect him to call and arrange where to meet or I can pick him up from the hotel to have dinner later but he didn't call. So I text him, where the hotel that he will stay. After I text him, a call from a malay ladies who declare her as a Custom officer and her name is Kak Rina (010 291 6285). She told me that my friends forget to declare amount of the money that he bought to this country which is around 68,000 Pound. Therefore he get detain by custom and immigration. add on in order to release him, he need to pay amount RM2300 for penalty. I was shocked and asking how could that be. I told the official that he never tell me about this amount of the money he going to bring in Malaysia. It might me a mistake. Then the official pass her mobile phone to him. Then I ask him, how and why he carry so much money and get arrested. He say that money is for his business trip purpose in china. Then my mind is thinking OK and then he say the officer taking out all his stuff always like phone, wallet and other from him. Until someone boiled him out then the officer will give it back to him. So he pledge me for help to get a RM2300 and boiled him out from the airport immediately. My mind is thinking, he is in trouble and need help. So I ask him pass the phone back to officer to have a negotiation and talk. I told the officer, the money is belong to him, why he cannot use his own money to pay the penalty if confess he done the mistake. The Officer told me that, they can't release all his stuff until the money pay. I tell the officer, this person does have money. Why don't you allow him to pay it. Surprise that she told by the procedure, she can't do it.

I told the officer, it is way expensive for penalty,  can it be low down the cost and she keep refusing and say "No". I say in case like this, sorry please deport him back to his own country. Then she pass the phone to my friends as per my request, I tell my friends, this time nothing much that I can do. Cause I am still outside the city and I do not have money with me, so suggest him to call Embassy or deport back to his own country. But he keep bag me for help. I feel bad and sympathy, so I agree to help him but he need to give me some time to look for money. So I tell the officer I will do my best to look for alternative way. She told me that better to do it as fast as possible cause after over few hours, they will put him to the next flight to send him back to his own country. I say ok. The officer also add on once I get the money, bank it in to this account 162200120066 - (Muhamad Ikram Bin Ah) and prefer maybank. I was thinking why this account is under personal not the custom. I think is human nature because of panic and suddenly this happen, for sure won't suspect much of it. 

After few hours pass, I totally give up cause it is really hard for me to locate money in short period.  Therefore I call officer again and ask for barging the penalty charge. Early she refuse but I told her I only have RM1200. Then she say ok just bank in that money, she will handle the rest. Who knows that she call me second time ask for another RM800 and telling me that the official not able to release him because her boss want to have full payment. I was shock again and think and ask her why. I told her that my friends is new to the country, if he did the mistake, he should learn it. I believe most of the officer will give a chance. Surprise is she say "Sorry" nothing much she can't do it because her boss can't approve it. Without thinking twice, I have transfer another set of money which is RM800. She say ok, she will check the money tomorrow morning and once everything clear my friends will be release after 9.30AM at airport. I do put my word very stressfully on her and say that this money that I have own is my own save money, since that I pay it, make sure you get him to release and make sure all the thing that he bought will be clear without any interruption or missing. She say ok, she can make it happen also I tell her that I will pick him up at the airport on next day and she say that can be arrange and ask me wait at arrival hall. After that I text my friends and telling him, all is under cover and pay. So just ask him to be patient to overnight at the centre.

Next day, when I travel down to airport. Expected everything is go through, who knows I get a calls from officer, they can't release him because he unable to define the money that he bought and immigration officer asking him to show the paperwork to prove the money is used for legal usage add one She told me that custom job has been done, now is facing immigration department. She told me this needed another payment to be done in order to fill up the Anti Money laundering form that he miss out. So I ask, how much for the cost to this procedure. She told me RM2700. My mind is just like time boomer and say "Freak!". I told her, how could possible I can pay for it. Also since that he already release from custom for sure all his belonging will return to him. Then why not make him pay for it. I say my part to boiled him out is over.

The story changing begin which is totally different yesterday what I have conversation with her. She told me that his belonging still on hold until immigration give a chop to his passport to clear up but before that he need to show the Anti Money laundering form to prove immigration officer. I was totally #### and feel hopeless. I just walk to the corner and sit down and think, what are the next step I going to do. Then a thought came to my mind, why not call up to KLIA custom and ask for the procedure when a travel forget to declare the money, how the process look a like. So I just browse around website and check google then I found a article about scam in KLIA. After I read the blog, then I feel like I am screw and #### stupid look because I get cheated. I do call the custom from the number given from the blog and ask around and found out that any penalty happen, a traveller should pay on counter and should not pay through online or bank in the money. Then I told what happen to me and my friends and they comment that I get cheated .  Because there is no such of procedure like Anti Money laundering form. She told me, I am the fifth person call up reporting this matter and asking me whether I meet my friends before or not, I say never. So she told me that better stop everything and lodge a report to police. Cause this is a scam.

Ended up, I just #### and leave airport immediately and thinking how to deal with those cheater. Since that they cheat my hard earn money, I will making them to pay by their own cost! Although is too late but really nothing much I can do. My friends who claim that he get detain at airport keep text me and ask for money to boiled him up. I just told him, sayonana my friend, you are the one bring that money, so #### it up and go back to your #### country. I also told officer who also a cheater and tell her that sorry nothing I can do, let's end her, please send your man back! So ended, I block all the caller from those person. Cause they knew I block them, they use another mobile phone, which is 016 295 9081. My so call friend use that phone keep text me and barging me for help. But I just leave it and revert to him, sorry please look for others.

This is a truly lesson learn. Trust no one!
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