Law and procedure on getting back goods urgently

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asked on Jul 10, 2014 at 16:10
by   Lawyer1004
Hi...I am a chambering student and my master has just given me the task of finding out how to recover goods urgently. The client wants to go through the magistrates court,via a "writ of distress". Is that even possible? From what I know according to the RC2012(O.75), a "writ of distress" is for when there is rent arrears only. In the clients situation,there is no rent involved. Rather its more like he gave a partner in his company some electrical goods,worth hundreds. Now they are on bad terms,so he wants it back urgently to continue the business...any suggestions? I've so far looked in the RC2012, SCA1948 and even in the CJA1964. I dont know where else to look...I would really appreciate any assistance given.
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