Scammer Labuan Island Pirates

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asked on Sep 8, 2014 at 22:28
After having received sweet words with unrealistic promisis from a man on a container ship sailing to Asia, the development of a crisis was described, ship defect trapped in dangerous remote area.

Stanley Mike, he called himself, 50 years old, widowed, a daughter, head of operations on a container ship. Phone number: +44 7452 285600
Might be a scammer from Indonesia or from Nigeria, I found out later

on 6 Sept 2014 the following email:
My Angel,
What ever situation I found my self I always give Glory to God. Please I need your prayers,We are in a very serious situation here and need Gods intervention. The ship has stopped in a very dangerous remote location and we are all confused here. we just received information from the Signal base that there are sea pirates from Indonesia blocking the sea and they are about 312 KM away from us and the nearest place for this Ship to anchor is Labuan Island somewhere in South Malaysia an Asian country. As it is now, we are no longer safe because we fear the pirate attacks. We have called for a rescue team but we are yet to get response from our headquarters. The captains of the Ship has announced that all should offload their valuables for another means of transportation as the ship will dock here for another 20 days until the ship is fixed and safe to continue sailing.
My love, my problem now is,my money and documents which I kept in my cabin safe box. I do not want it stolen from me in the event  of any attack.  My plan was to use this money to buy Metal oil drums from Japan and supply to a company in Mexico which I already had contract agreement with. My Angel, as the Head of Operation in this Ship, I will do my best to protect all crew and goods in the ship.
Now there are so many security company stands on the sea shore and I am thinking of what to do? and at this time I need you to stand by me.  I don't know what to do now, I want to quickly send you this box containing my valuables so that you can help me to secure it in your place until I have the chance to make my trips to meeting you. I know we have not met each other but I TRUST you and give you my whole heart so that life can move straight with us and i know you will never disappoint or hurt me because we are already two in one flesh. I have learned to take life as it happens as I remembered everything happens for a reason. I will discuss with one of the security company's here. They will proceed delivery immediately I get a confirmation from you to assist me in receiving this box because there is no bank here and I don't want to lose the money and my vital documents to sea pirates.
MY Angel, quickly forward to me your information's as follows to enable me send the small box to you immediately through a Secured Security Company who has international licence to operate on high seas for rescue purposes;
1, Your Full Name
2, Your Receiving Address
Please get back to me as soon as possible,they will deliver it to your door step as soon as possible, this is the only way out to save me. I really needs your help my Angel, they company will call you as soon as they get to your country to deliver the box to your doorstep. I love you, please get back to me urgently as others are sending theirs out to theirs loved ones. I have my love and trust in you. You are the love of my heart and the hope of my future.
Kisses and hugs to you my Angel

Stupidly, I provided my address.
But then I got suspicious, googling I found this forum with lots of similar reports, the email almost copy paste with the same content as above. Same situation, widower, head or director on a ship, would send a box to save his valuable, contract with Mexico, oil drums.

He sent me the shipping documents by email attachment.
Still suspicious I checked them closely.
1. Diplomatic bag, much too heavy, 22.5 kg
2. Two different AWB numbers on two documents
3. The AWB records do not exist when tracking the Apex tracking site.

I'm sure, the shipping documents are a fake.

I received a phone call today from the Apex company and the following Email, demanding a huge amount of money.



We hereby inform you that your BOX from Mr Stanley Mike,(Still on High sea) has arrived here in our regional head office in Malaysia and will be dispatched  to your address. You are required to pay the delivery tax as stated below. Stanley Mike paid all the delivery charges to our rescue team on the sea remaining the tax which has been now calculated at our regional head office in Malaysia. Once we receive your payment, your BOX will be processed and delivered at your designated home address. Endeavor to make the payment as soon as possible to avoid dumurrage.
Please you will be expected to reconfirm your receiving address so that we can deliver safely to your doorstep;

Address;  YYY
phone:    ZZZ

Payment Description:

Handling Tax;  €900
Forwarding/Shipping Tax:  €600
Airport Tax:  €200

Total: €1,700    (One thousand seven hundred euro.)

Pay immediately through our correspodent company accountant officer so that we can fly to deliver your shipment as scheduled.

BANK ADDRESS;          No 2 Ibr Utara Selatan.Pekan Changlun 2 06010 Changlun Kedah, Malaysia
ACCOUNT NUMBER;        021 2006 9062 524

We shall proceed delivery as soon as we have received your payment.

Promise to serve you better.
Clinton Johnson
Admin Head,Customer propositions.G
Asia Service Centre
Tell; +60166676387

After having received the phone call from Apex, SMS came in from Stanley. A coincidence. No. The two are working together, all a fake for receiving money from lonely women.

Please to all who read this story: DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY.
Block the numbers. block the emails.

There is the risk, that from now several threats from all over the world will come.

I'm glad having found this forum.
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answered on Sep 9, 2014 at 06:28
He is a scammer located in Malaysia.
He stole pictures from an inocent man and opened a FB Account. This has been feported to FB and the profile was immediately blocked.
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answered on Sep 9, 2014 at 15:26
Hi Darls..

I am a widower for the past 10yrs.. and i am lonely most if the times.. I am on FB.. how come nobody writes or contact me..?? Is it i am too old (55), not too tall and handsome anymore??

But, i CAN be loving and take care of your emotional needs... Good companionship too....

Alas.. GOD is unfair to me

Perhaps i shd be scammer, then i am more attractive..
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answered on Sep 11, 2014 at 21:57
These are profit organisations, working together in a team, with a hierarchy. They are discussing how to respond to emails from their victims. They are being told, what to write. They are using text modules, that's why the wordings seem always to be similar and not any personal. They are mostly very young, even kids, earning their money with this job.
The goal is to get finally lots of money from the victims.
I have identified one IP address, located in Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. Probably an internet café.
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