Labuan Island

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asked on Sep 6, 2014 at 02:00
by   Robbo
I received same email today from:

Email reads:

Sweetheart Tragedy strikes on another of our own vessel after a sudden attack by some deadly sea pirate  in the India Ocean , the sea route to Asia . I have been trying to call your phone but it's not been going.

“REPORTER “ say two crew members on board have been confirm dead and the captain held hostage . Several Gun shots were fired for more than 4hrs, over $50m USD worth of crude oil was estimated as lose realized from this attack

We have been mandated to sail through the Gulf of Thailand linking  Singapore and Northern Australia , which is another worst area for piracy. I’m so scared because the life risk involved in this case is 50/50 chance of surviving any attacked from these deadly pirates.

My love, please pray hard for me in this situation.  I am carrying some important valuables in this Ship which includes (My contract Documents, money, and the Diamond Neck-chain set I bought as a surprise for you). I normally carry money along with me because I buy palm oil in tones from Australia and Indonesia and supply to a company in Mexico I have 2yrs contract agreement with.

This is my first time to experience pirate problem.

I have made arrangement with a courier agent in the Labuan Island sea port to deliver the package to you, including my business money for safety reason.

Also provide the below details information requested to receive the package.

*Your complete name .

*Your receiving address:

*Your Email address:

*A direct telephone number to reach you:

I will be coming to meet you within 14 days as soon as my ship arrive the final destination . I’ve always hope to meet you; I am looking forward to that day with all my heart. I am preparing myself for you each day. Imagining what you could do when you come to pick me from the airport. What would you do? Will you kiss me, I will be very shy at first, but I will make the move to kiss you because I’m the woman .

I look forward to that day and until then; I will be counting the days left and my heart full of love just for you.

Please respond immediately

Love always

So the scam is still in operation today. This was from a contact on Hi5 called Salina Ahmed
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