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asked on Aug 29, 2014 at 05:28
My fiancée emailed me that he already sent the package and it's a door to door delivery. The address I gave was Taguig City, Metro Manila but it was delivered at Custom Clark Pampanga and pending for AIRPORT TAX CERTIFICATION/CLEARANCE and MS. JENNIFER DINO of custom said that in order for them to deliver the package I must pay the tax that cost 12,500 pesos cause my sender only paid the sending fee. The reason why the tax cost that big because of the electronics and it's a 28.8kg. package as she said. When I track the tracking number to this site the tracking number was valid and I can see all the details of sending. I am just wondering why I have to pay for that. I thought my sender paid all already and he didn't tell me that upon claiming I have to pay something. I don't know if the site was scripted that you can track the tracking number they gave me 8634092015. Or if it's true maybe they asked me to pay for that because of what's inside the package because it was all branded and original they may interested.

My fiancé called me how many times but I can't hear him clearly because of the bad weather and connection and have not yet replied on my email about this issue.

Jennifer Dino told me that all package coming from U.S.A and through UNIVERSALCARGO.INFO will land in clark, Pampanga.

My fiancée's name is TUNER ROBERT from united states...please check the tracking number for more details.
please help me of what should I do. Here's my contact number to reach me by phone. 09154649993 and my email is

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answered on Aug 29, 2014 at 09:45
Please do not be naive, do not send money is a scam, and who sent the stolen identity of another. DANGER carefully, lose money
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answered on Oct 24, 2016 at 21:08
I also experiencing it right now. Any help? aPEx international courier the shipping companys name. The parcel is from Texas. And when I track it... Its on hold for airport tax worth 17,000.00. 
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