Fake parcel

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asked on Aug 28, 2014 at 00:46
by   Louise
A guy named Rodrigo Andrens send me a message way back January 2013 saying that he was captued by my beautiful face etc.  I just responded to this guys message  august  2014.  We started exchanging messages.  He started calling me.  ThenHe mentioned he will worked in Mexico and he will be sending some things for me.  Last August 23 I received a message saying that he will be leaving to mexiso that night and he send the parcel with underware, shoes, bag and 20000 pounds to buy a home here in my country.  To my surprise I asked him of the tracking number and noticed that the mobile number he posted was not mine. Also I mentioned that I am not stupid with this kind of transaction since  I have relatives living outsde my country and do send me parcel. cargos.  After 3 days I received a call from =60102082714 tellling me that the cargo from MR Rodirgo arrive at UK POST ASIA and in order for there agent to send it in my country I need to pay 19700 to clear the package.  I have his photos if you need to..  I also asked another girl AMY LU who has the same experience  as I am. Hope  you can catch these people
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