how to know he is scam or not

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asked on Aug 23, 2014 at 17:48
by   drilva
few days ago many British man try want make a friend to me in facebook,  then in second day they said like and love me
start from name  Richie Edmond, Maxwell Cliton, and other name I directly ignore, but they write almost the same thing, work in big company in UK, wife die cause cancer and only one daughter that make me scare to be target of them
he told me his phone number and  and give me few of his picture but I dont know how to search weather he is scammer or not, how to search ?
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answered on Aug 24, 2014 at 21:01
by   hahahaa
Dear Alice (as in wunderland),

There is a saying.. Love at first sight.. means u actually see and meet that person without touching.. And nowadays.. prove yourself on the trampoline first..

The english "man" loves you by seeing yr pics, and you may want to know him better, "he" could be a "she", and then get a handsome man to meet you, bring u to hotel and give u a very good time, next day, ask u to pay $1M or else post yr pics onto the net and facebook..!! I lup to see it..

Wake up..
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