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asked on Jul 24, 2014 at 15:36
I so much trust you and I know you will never disappoint me when we are already two in one flesh. Honey pray for me as the situation is getting worst and we are still waiting to hear from the rescue team. I have sent you the Documents and the Money through ARAB CARGO COMPANY LTD. They told me they will contact you for the delivery when they arrive in their office in India by tomorrow. I have never trusted anybody in my life to entrust such Documents and Money in his/her hand, but I so much trust you as my wife. Honey, be careful with the money, it is part of the savings I made for 2 years. I sent it to you as my wife family personal effect and so the company is not aware of what is inside the shipment because I don't trust anybody except you, is only you that can open it as you received it. Honey I have attached the Receipt because they will demand it from you when they get to their office before proceed delivery to your address. I have paid the International charges here in the Sea to send the shipment to you, I also ask them if you will pay any charges there to receive it, but they told me you are only going to pay for local charges to enable their office in India deliver the shipment to you in your Address. I had wanted to pay but they told me that it has to be paid to their office in India because they don't know the exact amount because their office in India have to pay for India government tax and local bills. Honey the Unlock code number is 7739 please keep it secret. I will meet you very soon when the rescue team arrives. God helping us and please pray for me. I have not slept since yesterday and we are still working in the engine room of the ship. Please honey, as soon as they deliver to you, open the box and remove what ever you must have spent for local charges and keep the rest in your account till I come over. Make sure you keep the documents very well my love. Honey please copy the shipment code number and keep it secret for safety reasons.Scan and photostat the receipt of the shipment because they will demand it from you to prove you are the rightful recipient of the box. Honey pray for my safety so that I can overcome this problem by his grace. We are still working very hard now to keep the ship floating until rescue team arrive. The company is name is ARAB CARGO COMPANY and nobody will question them until they get to your destination and so do not fear because I will never put you into trouble. Love you and God bless you. From yours Husband Rogers ..... Beware ladies! Godbless to us and goodluck to them no conscience.
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answered on Aug 5, 2014 at 11:40
by     here is ur "husband" my dear  look at him very carefuly he is the guy who sweet talked u , hes got no job all his got is the money he steeling from womens. Hi is from Nigeria    3o yrs old   lives in Malaysia he got a girlfriend , shes name is Rhyan   Don't fall for him !!!!! I did and still regret it...
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answered on Aug 5, 2014 at 11:55
by      the same guy on his real fb page

Also  pay attention on this might be useful..

Why is he still doing it? Why can´t he be caught?

People, if you find yourself asking this question then you still need to fully understand what was actually happening during your chats  and basically, how Nigerian scams actually work:

The "man" you were talking to was a well-crafted made-up piece of imagination by Nigerian gangs. All "his" details and the family and the job were made up, as the money request stories are. Also his associate characters.

Even worse, it´s not one anonymous but still human money stealer behind each fake pic: Scams work like an abstract brutally organized massmail writing and profile registering (and I assume, from a site runner´s point of view, profile closing) industry that originates from several large and specific areas on the planet.

It has never been a "he" as in "one Nigerian scammer and always the same behind these pictures" - it´s been different anonymous Nigerian gangs, who over the years just happen(ed) to use this man´s picture gallery (and those of a few hundred others, of either gender).

In a way, a "team" of more or less organized gangs. Anonymous college-aged males in West-Africa and Malaysia.

One bum opens hundreds of profiles. Another one writes the initial contact massmails. And they sell victims who have replied and are interested to the one doing the phone jobs, the fake sites, the "educated" talking, and continue to register and brainlessly send massmails, day and night.

Means, "he" cannot be caught since "he" doesn´t exist.

And "he" will continue to appear on dozens of sites to come and when "his" pictures become useless for scammers due to too many scam reports on "him", which is a good thing, because people can find the truth this way, they gangs have billions of other internet portraits to create a new yet unlisted "he".

Scams will likely not stop so easily since they bring hundreds of millions of dollars every year (maybe every month) but unless you understand who "he" (your email writer) was, as a starting point to understand that Nigerian love scams exist and how they work, it might happen again when "he" comes back because you still seem to believe in "him".

Who was a creation of scamming gangs.

l don´t quite understand why people could assume that a Nigerian gang that does lying for a job would stick to one picture gallery only, over years, and never change it. Maybe the FAQ are too long and cellphone surfers aren´t really willing to learn how, technically, scams work. It´s too abstract, and possibly also humiliating (there is absolutely no reason to be ashamed, these email writers are criminals!), so former victims might prefer to stick to the imagination of "that man" rather than understanding "it´s been a gang of Nigerian college boys who need new phones that´s why they do this".

I´m just trying to understand this typical victims´ behaviour, even after months people say "this man is still doing it", with the variation "why can´t this man be caught?".

Because Nigerian romance scams do not work like that. It is a corrupt industry to make a comfortable living by lying and stealing and the gangs pass on profiles, scripted letters, stolen poetry and the pictures. A swarm of unrelated individual criminals. No "he". A gang that in one night after some dancing at the club opens 200 profiles with the general´s pictures and chats up every female profile on the sites.
Please try your best to block ALL your scammer´s still incoming messages and calls!
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answered on Aug 5, 2014 at 16:46
These scammers would not be around if there is no lusts for nigerians men or women..

Women lusts for tall, handsome, well built and endowed dark skin men

Men lusts for big bosomful, volubscious dark skin women

Go to afrika then

The Lusts comes with a price, those being scammed deserved it 100%.. No pity, no quaters given.. They are victims of scams but cohorts of lustful relationships..

Would these pppl spare a dime for the homeless..??
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