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asked on Jun 2, 2014 at 23:02
by   64sal
I have been communicating with a mechanical engineer who was born in Denmark and lives in Canada.  He is presently on a vessel by Labuan Island on his way to Australia.  He just emailed me asking for information so that he can send a suitcase filled with his savings to me.  I have refused and am finding many similarities. He just emailed me saying that he has found a way to wire the money and will still be coming to see me.  What to think? What to think?  Advice please.
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answered on Jun 3, 2014 at 00:19
by   Be careful
Be careful. He is a faker. He contacted me as "David Anderson". He told, that he is from UK, he is widower, and has a 7 years old daughter, he is working for a shiping company. He is now on the way to Cyprus. But his vessel has a technical problem. he must stay on Labuan island. But there are pirates. He wanted to send me his safe-box with cash, and needed my adress. I did not give him my adress, and thanks God, I find this website. I deleted my e-mail-adress, I blocked him in facebook. He is really a cheater
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