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asked on May 23, 2014 at 21:05
I have sent you the bag,  It contains  £320,000) British pounds (Three hundred and Twenty  thousand pounds) and my valuable documents  through Avanti worldwide express  Company. This an independent security company in the sea shore here who are in charge of handling of freights and other consignments.

Please, be careful with the money and my document, I sent it to you  based on trust as a family personal effect and so the company is not aware of the true contents and what is inside the bag and so do not even tell anybody for security reasons, because i don't trust anybody except you. is only you that can open it as you received it.

I have attached the Air way bill and the deposit certificate because they might demand it from you when they get to your country  before delivery to you. I only  paid the International charges here in the island to send the bag to the company office,   I also ask them if there will be  other charges there to receive it, but they told me that should be when they  arrive their office in Malaysia,   please if there is any other charges, please help me to settle it, as soon as the bag is delivered to you,  open it and take what ever you have spent in the cause to receive it.

Dear,  the Unlock code number is 6286  please keep it secret.

I will join you very soon  as soon as we are  through with this problem and get to Australia, i will fly to your country ,   God helping us to over come this problem. Please honey, as soon as they deliver the bag to you, open the bag and remove whatever you must have spent and keep the rest money safe till I come over to meet you.


Albert William.

Please beware of this person. His contact number is +447731948110. The same story from others, this guy met me in FB and saying sweet words. and thank you so much on this blog because it help me realized that this is a scam where in the first place i knew and i fell it already. Please be careful and dont be a victim of this loosers. they might contact you also to other ways of network. Just a piece of advice, never ever communicate to a Stranger.
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