Pirates and Shipping Scam

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asked on May 7, 2014 at 07:10
My guy's name is Winger Arnold or Arnold was never clear, but he did send his father and mother's names and his 9 year old son George. Wife was killed in car accident...lives in London AND Manchester. He's getting more and more wealthy. He was educated at Oxford, born in Berlin, father a professor at some university. He uses the same giveaway: "duck" in Malaysian Island when ship's engine goes bad, with the "pirates" the same distance away: 312 KM. He hasn't changed much, but he has become much more sophisticated. He had the Diplomatic Secured Security Organization call me several times (+60146383142) to tell me to check my email for detailed instructions. It seems they needed $1950 for the cost of the faxes and fees that they wouldn't allow him to pay onboard the ship. It had to come directly to them. So, he now has accomplices. Sandra Noore was who contacted me both my phone several times and by email. His phone number is 447042065573 and his email is He's not my first scam but hopefully my last. I did verbally abuse him when in disbelief. When I hung up on him, he just kept calling. I didn't look hard enough to find this, but my friend's daughter did. If I had Googled more than I did, I would have found this. Keep adding if you have a confrontation. Oh, and he contacted me through Facebook.
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answered on Jun 4, 2014 at 01:12
Sounds too similar to my scam guy as well.  He (they) seem to be working themselves around the world.  I picked up with him via and he "supposedly" lived in my home town of Calgary (Canada).  2 and 1/2 months of chatting and finally it appeared that  he was taking a contract from New York and already had his chinese visa so he could come and visit "spidey" senses kept going off.

Now he is "stranded" in Labuan as they wait for clearance and, after I refused to accept his suitcase full of his life savings that he was going to invest in Australia...he seems to have made the necessary arrangements to wire it to Australia ( LIKE he couldn't have done that before!!!!!!!) and is still sending me emails talking about how he will re-schedule his flight to China once they give the ship clearance to sail, etc., etc.

I am thinking this is a "team" project  and he is trying to keep the operation going.  Not a chance!  It has cost me $35.00 to check a photo he had sent me, and now I realize that I could have simply done it myself by going to google and searching images.....Hmmmmm....well, it has been a ride and $35.00 is as much as I would have paid at the carnival!! Good luck!!!  Remember to trust your instincts..."spider" senses....
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