bull#### scammer.

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carefull mga ladies marami sila
scammer -benson reymond
To Me
Apr 24
Honey i know your not a materialistic  type of girl but i send all those things Just to prove you that i really love you and i care for you so much,. I send you 3 Boxes because i tell them to separate the TV in the other box including Chocolates,Biscuits,Dress,Shoes, 1-iPad and some other gadgets that you can use. I put some Gucci Perfume, Hand Bag and 1-set of gold engagement Ring. I also buy you Rose Flowers so that even if I am too far u can still feel the love of me, and my Family pictures and Laptop that you can use to communicate with me. I don't know if those things that i send to you can fit you but i hope you will like them . As i say earlier that i want to buy you house in your country that's why i put some Australian Dollar that you can use to have down payment in that house that i told you about please make sure once you get the money that you use them for the house and make sure that you scan me the receipt of the house to my email once you pay them  . when you get the package, open the box and you will find were I hide the money with brown envelop ,please manage it and buy yourself few other things you may need after paying for the house .  I did not notify the courier company that I put money there Once you receive all those things please let me know so that my mind will be at rest in my work. Just check it properly so that you will see the money that i put there in one of the box. I will tell u when I finished my contract in my work at the ship ,so that we can plan on how to meet each other. I will confirm my flight ticket and send a copy to you so that you can pick me up in the airport with my daughter and know my flight details. Hon that engagement ring that i bought for you for you  i want to make sure that nobody can take u away from me..In all those things that i bought for you that engagement ring is the most important thing for me , it shows and prove how much i love you. please makes sure that You wear it in your finger then take a photo and send it to my email i want to show it to my daughter jenny so that she will know that i m already find a step mum to her and  I want to show it to everybody here that God have blessed me a girl like you..I am too much happy to have you in my life. No words can express how much u mean to me.

I am planning to bring you to my country so that you can meet my family and my daughter even just for vacation like 1 month I hope you have some documents already like passport cos when i am there i will help you go get visa to my embassy , if you don't have it try to process it using that money inside the box. Please my dear, i will let you know the exact date i will be coming so you can fixed the house where i am staying and spend our time with my daughter.I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring. I will stand in the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life, and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms. I want to wake to your beautiful smile. I want to share in your joys and sorrows. I want to be your everything, because you are everything to me. I promise to always love you and always hold you in my heart. I will always be here for you when you need me, and I will love you no matter what life brings us. You are my soul mate, and I vow to love you all eternity. I love you, baby.

In a while ill be busy in my work because we are traveling in other country my phone number will be off from now please honey always send me an email i will use my phone to check my mail if ever i have credit in my phone  and sometimes its hard for me to have a network. No matter how hard my work and obligation i will still send you an email. You can check all the things that i send to you using this information in the website of
with tracking number  902264901788  Please honey don't let anybody to know this info for some security reasons.I also need the receipt of this package the company told me that they will email you the reciept  ,because the time that i am sending all this things, our ship is in hurry already and i don't have much time to print it out but the company tell me that once you track it to their company you can see the receipt once they they upload it . Please honey help me to check if they already upload the receipt and scan it to my email. The time I arrive in your country,we can settle and arrange our plans to get married there in your country . Honey i hope you are serious with me because that's the only thing i want in a person please don't hurt me . Just make me the happiest man ever when i am with you. Always take care my future wife and wishing you God's protection to you and your family. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..........

david reymond
To Me
Apr 25 at 11:46 PM

i was able to check my inbox and see your emails I am blessed to have you in my life and after reading your emails over again from day one, I could not stop smiling with joy and happiness because I have found my future woman in you. I have sent to you the following items; please let me know when you receive it. Were ever I am; I will strife to be in touch with you as i will depart tonight to sail through Venezuela, South America for official duty. You will get the following inside the parcel when delivered to you:-

1. Apple laptop, 1.Rose Flower, 1.Flat Screen Tv 42 Inch, 1.chocolate biscuit 4 packets, 1.Digital Camera 2.Gucci Perfume, 2.Big Box, 1.Blackberry Torch, 1.Louis Vuitton Bag, 1.Engagement Gold Ring two set I bought for you which you will use as a sign of our engagement and my personal pictures and pictures of My Daughter with my mum.  And some money Honey  i put the money  in that big box Please once the agent arrive to your home address please take good care of him make sure you give him food to eat or coffee after that try to take a picture with him and scan it to me so that i will know is there with you and your already receive those things from him  Hon once  you receive those things please check it very well before the agent will go back ,

Please Hon the ring I bought for you is much more than important to me and our future and please put it on your finger as soon as you receive it and take a very nice picture and send it also to my email so that i will know that you got all those things, please manage the money that I send to you  I m shy to give you small money just  use it for the house and yourself and your  family over there until I  visit you there hopefully when i am back as I am planning to have a vacation in your country and your already buy the house where we can stay with my daughter  yourself and few other things you  may need.  you know very well we are sailing now on the high sea right now i don't know when i will get online to read your mail but i will try always to check my mail if i have a message from you please always take care of your self please always to pray when ever your going to sleep or eating ,Please do everything to secure the package from the company agent, Honey please I did not notify the courier company that I put some money inside the box ,Hon is  for the security reasons so they don't steal something from it. I told the company the brown envelop in that box is our wedding cards in case if they ask you about it so that our talk will be the same Ok only the agent know about it why i tell him is close to me and he accept to help me please keep it secret to your self don't let any one know about this until when you have all those things with you don't forget to buy my daughter some Toys to use it to play when is there with us ,
I thank god for your life and I know we will have the opportunity to meet each other soon, please remember me in your prayers and remain bless.  Please take care of yourself always and please remain faithful to our relationship ok.
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