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asked on Mar 13, 2014 at 04:10
Sender:Mr.Thony Vick small box of parcel from name:spring expriss delivery amount 800 pounds to deliver this parcel...reciever:lilia escobar mancera..but after two wks i recieve one call from a man,name is morydass al maritasan said,this parcel of Mr.thony vick is hold of malaysia custom need to pay to realise this parcel is 580 dollars or else is compiscated of custom within 24 hrs said i pay this 580 dollars mtcn: 5590227637 reciever mr.morydass al phone number is 601338530..address is 1st floor ,kerteh,34700 terengganu,malaysia,but after i pay this there have another demand to mr.morydass al maritasan another demand is 400 hundred dollar for insurance said of mr.morydass al maritasan but i cannot pay this 400 hundred cuz i dont have money to pay again another demand,plssss help me i want to know where is this parcel.i want to find this plss help me...
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