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asked on Feb 28, 2014 at 06:56
once i got a message from a person in california in Facebook, he said that while finding one of his neighbor got your profile. afterwards our conversation went by and days...... one day he asks my residential address to send me some luxurious gifts noted as iphone 5s, ipad air, rolex watch, 2 diamond stones and 2 gold necklace sets and a BlackBerry Porsche phone( which cost 1.5 lakhs) and hp laptop...  and after a day he texts me the link for the tracking of the courier ( its from reliance courier dustribution, California) i visited the link and find its on process, estimated arrival date also mentioned in the page. before that day i got a call from malaysia stating that the parcel has been holded for customs verification because of some much of 1000 dollars kept inside in the laptop. i dont know about the money which kept inside the gifts and i called up my friend who sents those gifts and ask him to contact the person who called me from Malaysia, and after an hour he called me and said wants to pay fine amount of 700 dollars in order to release the parcel's so he said "can you pay the amount from there" coz im having only 400 dollars. i said ok let me talk to the concerned party regarding this. after a day the Malaysia custom(scam) called me and asks about the cash and i said now i dont have the money and ill give you the authority to open the parcels and take down the dollars from inside in order to the fine settlements he said no and its not allowed in here. i said this is the only way which i caƱ do right now and if not possible send back those gifts" i said.... after saying this there is no call till now from those fellows.. ..... I want to know more about this scam if anyone knows texts me to my Mail id. my id is ( )
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