UK/Malaysia scam 2014

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asked on Feb 21, 2014 at 14:21
yes...I fell hard and fast for a man named John Donald from Bristol UK he was a marine engineer working as Head of Operations for Mediterranean Shipping Co. whose wife died last year and left him with a 12 yr. old daughter. Left on the work ship to travel from UK to Australia with his "family treasure" to purchase oil in Australia and sell it in New Mexico. Encountered ship engine problems...stranded at sea... removed valuables via Apex Security and Logistics Co. in Malaysia. Shipped his to me because he loved me and was going to marry me. I had to pay $1,040.00 US dollars Western union. then Customs detained the pkg for containing hard currency. wanted 4 times the money...I couldn't come up with it (terrible stress)he gave up and said he got it from a friend that had been in surgery.He had to go to Colorado and sign some work contracts and would come to see me the next day. He called me from Colorado. the next day when he was supposed to come here he said he had to go back to Malaysia. This is definitely the same man unless they go by the same script. God will punish him
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