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asked on Jul 11, 2013 at 15:22
Hi! I got the same format of letter from this guy Name Williams Robinson. He Start chatting on me on March 25th but did not response to he's messages until mid of April. Claiming to be the COE of A Certain Ship Maersk Lines station in Liverpool UK.Started with just start chatting me on my FB. Curious why a stranger a very good looking one have good job getting interested to me so i ride "ON". Claiming to be a British widow and have a ten year old daughter.Send me me a bunch of picture with he's crew??? picture of he's house , nice BMW car and with he's daughter. He also give me a phone number same to the one posted already. When he start sending  messages to my cell phone that's when i noticed that the number he's using is from a Washington state. So i start digging and found this site.Also i spoke to him a few times ( Which most of the time calls in the middle of the night with private  number ) He does not have a british accent.And lastly he start telling me about he's ship having a problem and they have to stop at Labuan island to unload cargo because of a Pirates blocking thier way to Australia. And he has to Mail important documents and money??? Needed my home address and my full name... that was red Flag for me..I don't know him and why he trusted me something is not right. Needless to say i did not response to him nor pick up he's phone call... and i blocked him in my FB account...and my cell phone. Thank's for posting about Labuan island and Scam. Preventing me to be one of the Victim. Ladies be very careful and please be aware...
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