RE:Package via Skylink Labuan Island Malaysia

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asked on Feb 4, 2014 at 02:20
Yeah....  This whole sh* is all about him , and not only. All the photos are fake,all  feelings for that person at that moment in touch with are fake, so there's no feelings , there's no face ,there's no package, there's no money, there's NOTHING . He is the most heartless person I've ever met in my life. He often used my name as his daughter and using my personal data for scam,so be aware to whom give your personal dates... but again there's no daughter, no family no wife, NOTHING. He hasn't been married,he hates UK. They are a gang and in this gang are many his friends involved, you never know with whom you talking to, you never know to whom you send the money, you never know to whom you deal with,cos is not only him, also he has a pre-recorded video clip he using to show his face on webcam,to wipe any doubt that isn't him.. that's fake!If you are from abroad it's very difficult to report a scammer  from another country, so now its time to let  the world know who he is, maybe any among you is near to Malaysia, or have friends there,or family member or someone who can report him. Let's not just post pictures, emails which he uses for scamming, leads us nowhere, let's find someone who can help us to get rid of this scumbag forever.I really hope that one day I can make it .Whatever you do ladies NEVER send money for ANY reason.
           The real name is Ehis Kyrian Ogbeifun from Benin City Edo-State Nigeria, actually lives in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, graduated in IT 2012, 30yrs, has no job, no passport, no money to leave the country, so he can't go to visit you - Never.   His real Fb page   H
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