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asked on Jan 19, 2014 at 08:55
Yesterday this scammer was called Felix  Mexes .And what all the other women write,he is so romantic.But he came with the same asking for help.To take care of all his savings that he was gonna use in a company in Mexico.So "my dear wife,you have to help me".He had lost his wife in a carwreck 3 years ago and had a daughter called Jane who was 3 years old.He thought I was the perfect person to be her mother.All of this was Gods will.But now they drifted outside Australia,and all the other things he told the other women.He needed me to go to a western Union bank and pay 935 pounds,and then I would get from a securety company all of his savings 170000 english pounds.I have been sailing myself years ago and what he told me smelled.But I did go to the bank,and there they told me not to do it.A big thanks to them.I told him on chat what happened,and boy did he get angry.Now he was going to kill himself.And to be honest,I think the world would be better off without him.He contacted me on Facebook and I was so god damed mad,that I deleted him.
Today he is back asMiceal Scott Millaims,and with a new picture .Before he used Michael Bolton,and a photo of a Maersk ship.Well I am lucky they stopped me at the bank.But be careful ladies out there
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