Fraud under the guise introduction

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asked on Jul 23, 2013 at 23:00
by   josie
I also want to share in this forum, that I also got a message on FB inbox, this person said his name was Howard Willoughby, he said he was from lisburn Ireland, he is an engineer graduated from Harvard University. He worked in the shipping company in the UK and has worked there for 13 years, he also said that he was married before and had a 10-year-old girl being his wife died 5 years ago in a car accident. on the date of July 12, 2013 ago he said that his company sent him to Australia, sailing for 1 month, and he gave his phone number 447 935 265 722. he asked for my phone number, I was stupid, I was giving my telephone number. but I do not easily believe that I am looking for info the phone number and get their news from this forum. Oh God this man an imposter turns out, luckily I read this forum that is not possible I would be fooled too. Thanks to that already share their stories, I hope something like this does not happen to others. I hope this person repent.
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