Scams On Parcels Being Detained By Malaysia Customs

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asked on Jun 24, 2011 at 02:17
by   Royal Malaysian Customs
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(Official Malaysian Customs Government website, please verify)

Scams On Parcels Being Detained By Malaysia Customs

Wednesday, 22 July 2009 16:10

Dear Valued Customers,

Please do not respond to any emails, websites or notices from parties claiming that your goods / parcels have been held by the Malaysian Customs and therefore certain payment has to be made to them in order for the goods to be released by us. Some of these parties have also created false Customs documents to trick innocent victims and lure them into their traps. It is a scam by unscrupulous parties and responding to these people may lead to monetary losses on your part. Please be informed that we will NEVER require you to make payments (of tax) through third parties. Payments can ONLY be made by the importer at our payment counters located in every Customs stations, collected by a proper officer of Customs. For more information, please contact 603-88822414 / 413 or E-Complaint

Royal Malaysian Customs
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answered on Jul 25, 2016 at 18:29
by   Jenny
edited Aug 8, 2016 at 07:52
To all,

I was very lucky to find this website. They used the same method as above and try to get money from me. Unfortunately, they have no luck with me. I told them I will make a police report and this is a scam.

I am just waiting for this scammer to continue this tactic until this last moment. 
There is no office number with this so-called courier services and they contact me through a mobile number which is literally not working. At this stage,they did not provide me any bank details because I have been very harsh and telling them all the right reasons that I am not going to accept any sort of parcels from this sender as I make it clear - I don't know this sender and they can return to the sender. If the courier services is not happy with my decision, I will make a police report and let's deal it with my lawyer. The so-called manager of this courier company, Mr.Chris Wu (who speaks very bad English and you can hardly understand a single word from him) was trying to convince me that I know this English gentleman called Mr Alex Nicolas Scott. And the fact that I told him on the phone, he as the courier company representative have no rights to question any personal questions and I am not obliged to answer all the questions he proposed to me on the phone except the fact, me as the receiver, is not going to accept a parcel from an UNKNOWN sender and they need to deal with the return of the parcel to the sender. And, they have suggested to me to pay for delivery charge for the return. I told him this is ridiculous. I am not going to pay anything, if they failed to have an agreement with the sender to cover the delivery charge, I agreed to allow the government to confiscate the shipment. I have no problem with that. He denied of knowing what is in the parcel but after a heated argument with the general manager, he asked me this question: Madam, could be the reason of me not accepting because there is money involved in the parcel and he even told me there is a few branded bags such as Chanel bags in the parcel.

I answered him: Sir, is principle issue. I can afford what ever in the parcel and the fact is, I don't know the sender and that is why I am NOT going to ACCEPT. 

Please find the details of this scammer as below:

Name: Alex Nicolas Scott
Address: River View, Low Street, Sunderland,Tyne and Wear, SR1 2AT England
Contact Number: +44 7731 561125
Courier Company: Skynet Express Courier Services
Contact Number in Malaysia: +60 11 2698 2284

The message from the Courier Company as below:

Dear Esteem Customer,

We wish to inform you that, your Package coming from Mr Alex Nicolas Scott with instructions to deliver to your designated address above, has been placed on hold by the Malaysia AUTHORITY. As the goods were brought on transit at Malaysia check point during Computer Scanning, the AUTHORITY detected that currency or Cash money were included in your package.This is highly prohibited and against the Law of the World Monetary Transfer system and also out of the rules and regulations of the Courier Sector.

Hence you have been mandated by the Malaysia Authority to pay the sum of ($3,350 Dollars)(three Thousand three Hundred And fifty US Dollars) as a penalty within 24 Hours for the Clearance and Administration of your package. Be informed also that if you fail to pay within the stipulated time, the Authority will confiscate or seize your package in accordance with the Law.

Note that all orders not delivered within Three(3) working days from this communication will be charged for Security Keeping Fee (SKF) You are expected to pay for Custom Clearance and Administration charges as soon as possible.

Account details shall be provided to you for the payment as soon as we receive a message from you , so you have to write for us so that we can tell you the details how to receive your package today

Yours Faithfully
Mr. Wavisa
Agent Manager 

Express Management

To all the Malaysian Citizens, please be aware of these scammers.

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answered on Aug 23, 2016 at 05:20
by   stupid girl
edited Sep 5, 2016 at 08:45
Same case here.

Sender: Kevin Smith
Mobile: +447447215625

Fake courier
Mrs. Hasniza Amin
Head, Customer Propositions
Express Management

United Kingdom Tel: +447010064895
Malaysia Tel:  +601024833040

Bank account:

ACCOUNT: 11233000180139

Bank Name: Maybank
ACT NO. 151061180980

First name:  Evanistha Williana Binti
Last name: Dumin
Nationality: Malaysia.
Contact number: +601024833040
Email address:

Account: 6216607000000623762

Account name: Huang Hsiu Lan
Account number: 0059879011898
Bank name: E-sun bank of Taiwan
Bank Address: No. 393 Jhongjheng rd., Hsinchuang dist., New Taipei city, Taiwan
Swift code: ESUNTWTP
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answered on Nov 1, 2016 at 22:05
by   Shamila
Thanks for sharing all the scam parcel
I know a guy from Internet he claim he is a navy man
Few days later he claim he got promoted. N wantes to send some gifts,I told him don't need any gifts but he insists... he claims already send the give will be receiving it on 3rd Nov, at malaysia kastam need to pay some cash not more than 900usd, however I told him I m nt afford to pay any money now, I told him to send money by western union, but there ans he gv me is 

Honey, I have no online transfer at currently and you knew of the financial crisis right now when transferring money over sea due to the current election.

[01/11, 4:56 p.m.] Peter Willy: Dear,  would you delay my luggage with your custom due to 900usd when you quite acknowledged how valuable my luggage are.
[01/11, 4:57 p.m.] Peter Willy: I feel so disappointed after reading up your text this night.
[01/11, 4:58 p.m.] Peter Willy: I am leaving for sailing by 7am early morning and will be there for two months. I have no time for myself. I made it possible to make sure I sent your items yesterday's and you had yet not appreciate for this.  This is how you will appreciate my concern on you.?
[01/11, 5:00 p.m.] Peter Willy: I knew you don't have cash at presently but I told you, I will remit all your money you had spent for yourself when coming to meet you for our wedding. Please you shouldn't delay my presence there. I am captain of the United States and need your government's not to contact my embassy when I will be on sailing. You should borrow from someone and I will remit back when comin

Honey,I had sent my gifts to your country this morning through a courier company here at Washington DC. The items inside the luggage are set of Jewelries comprises of neck lace, ladies hand bags, ladies wrist watch, ,iphone 6s, ladies shoes and one laptop. I know you will be very surprise for what I had done for you, but I want you to know that you are nice lady and you deserve more than my gifts. I really value your relationship with me.I will do anything just to keep my relationship with you, the courier company told me the gifts will arrive your place on the 3rd of Nov, but their agent will first contact you on the phone before bringing you the gifts. You can also be tracking the gifts online through the courier website below.
Tracking No :  E66HYPZ8Y
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answered on Jun 13, 2017 at 01:59
by   anonymous
Scammer claimed to be a US citizen, a pilot, lost his wife and currently has a daughter and mother with him. He made friend through social media with my friend and soon communicated through whatsapp. He knows how to sweet talk and manipulate on the psychology of the victim. He told the victim he has sent her a parcel to surprise her. It consists of money so that she need not have to work so hard, Jewellery as well. After which, he claimed that the parcel was detained at the Malaysian customs. Account numbers were given by a third party using a malaysia number for money to be transferred. After which, he claimed that parcel has been released, but he has seek the help of the US embassy in KL. Parcel has been routed to the embassy and money has to be given for documentation to be done before parcel can be released. This time his accomplice Larry who claimed to be a staff of the embassy called the victim to ask for money and texted her the account number for the money to be transferred. Victim claimed she has no money. 

This scammer Lance Huang Fu is inhumane. After conning and cheating victim for sgd60000, he continues to cheat the victim. He told the victim that he has gone down to the embassy in Kl to retrieve the parcel. They have beaten him and locked him up and needs a sum of money so that he can be released.

Victim has been brainwashed and is not able to analyse the situation. If it was real, they could have just taken the money from the parcel, why do they need to wait so long for victim to send the money. 

Victim was conned the second time. An account number was sent to her and she sent the money over. 

This was not the end. Scammer claimed that he has been released by now being detained by the custom. Again, asked the victim for money. Victim does not have any more money, scammer threatens to commit sucide. 

This is ridiculous. It is obviously a scam. 

The family of the victim is praying that for the victim to wake up and cut off contacts with the scammer.

This scammer has already gotten so much money from the victim and still does not want to stop. It's inhumane and he will definitely be punished one day either by the law or the divine one.
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