Scams On Parcels Being Detained By Malaysia Customs

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by   Royal Malaysian Customs
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(Official Malaysian Customs Government website, please verify)

Scams On Parcels Being Detained By Malaysia Customs

Wednesday, 22 July 2009 16:10

Dear Valued Customers,

Please do not respond to any emails, websites or notices from parties claiming that your goods / parcels have been held by the Malaysian Customs and therefore certain payment has to be made to them in order for the goods to be released by us. Some of these parties have also created false Customs documents to trick innocent victims and lure them into their traps. It is a scam by unscrupulous parties and responding to these people may lead to monetary losses on your part. Please be informed that we will NEVER require you to make payments (of tax) through third parties. Payments can ONLY be made by the importer at our payment counters located in every Customs stations, collected by a proper officer of Customs. For more information, please contact 603-88822414 / 413 or E-Complaint

Royal Malaysian Customs
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