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asked on Nov 3, 2013 at 20:01
In a while ill be busy in my work because we are traveling in other country again and sometimes its hard for me to have a network. No matter how hard my work and
obligation i will still send you an email. You can check all the things that i send to you using this information in the website of
with tracking number  LN71850164E5   and the password is ------> (  mywifeisa  )Please honey don't let anybody to know this info for some security reasons.I also
need the receipt of this package,because the time that i am sending all this things, our ship is in hurry already and i don't have much time to print it out but the
company tell me that once you track it to their company you can see the Airway bill. Please honey help to check if they already upload the receipt and scan it to my email
. The time I arrive in your country,we can settle and arrange our plans to get married. Honey i hope you are serious with me because that's the only thing i want in a person.
Just make me the happiest man ever when i am with you. Always take care my future wife and wishing you God's protection to you and your family. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..........
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