global cargo securities Scam

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asked on Oct 30, 2013 at 00:53
by   honey
I have experienced exact situation as this.
He went by the name Sebastian Elizondo. He befriended me on Match, and then suggested that we could communicate on facebook messenger. He said he was widowed and had a 16yrs old daughter named Emily.
I got the same story with the pirates and oil drum contract he was going to pursue when he reached Australia.
I was asked to forwarded money to a company named, Go global cargo securities Berhad  at there cargo facility in Kuala Lumpur.
Following some investigation I discovered it was a scam.
These are heartless scoundrels with no respect or moral for peoples feelings and deserve to be punished for such deplorable actions.
I hope other people will read this site, because personally it has given me peace off mind. Sometime you can doubt your own feelings, because I always try to see the good in people. Reading this forum has given me the satisfaction, that we are doing something to find justice.  I would like to find out, who the many pictures are of him, and is daughter? Has anyone got any suggestion? I think it will be the case off stolen indentify. ,
Match has banned him from there site and I have reported him to the fraud police.
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