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asked on Aug 12, 2013 at 11:05
i just checking the all the con and scam youre all talking about,check this out,their new parcel service is SIC Courier services in name meera rahman you can check it in facebook...method...same as no...+601114314562...account no..maybank 164593081953 under the name of halis bin ileas...just got the scam few week ago..luckily i smell something....beware u all
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answered on Aug 16, 2013 at 21:04
Hi Ladys, before 3 Weeks ago a guy with the Name Williams Robert contact me on my Facebook-Account.He tell me that he found me with my Picture and he fall in love from the first second LOL. I know that everything is wrong with him, but I play the game a little while.At the 4th of august so he tell me he must go to work on a ship from the shipping-line MAERSK an they shipping to Australia and when he come back he wanna visit me. He told me that he was married and his wife come be die by an car-crash and he have a son in the age of 8 years.Poor evening he contact me on Skype, but i can not see him.he tell me that on the ship cameras are forbitten.ok.I want my telephone-number, but i only give to him my mobile-number. by the contact on Skype i here that he is not british!!! And his voice was not a white person!! Also i play the game...before 3 day ago he send me a message that his ship have some problems and be very slowly. he want my prayers for him and the crew that everything comes good for them. In this message he send me that they are by Lebuan Island near Malaysia. I google of this and found this Page!!! I blocked him on facebook. He call me on my Mobile and i don't take the calls first.than i take the calls and say that he never contact me!!Than he send me some E-mails and want to know what is going on. I give him the answer and he don't write or call once more. LADYS BE CAREFULL!!! WILLIAMS ROBERT FROM MANCHESTER UK
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