All of my savings are gone!

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asked on Nov 24, 2011 at 10:35
I met this person thru Badoo around March of this year, he was friendly and polite, told me how his wife died of cancer and he was raising an 8th year old daughter (Vivian) he even sent pictures of them. His job title a Corrosion Analyst for some of UK Oil companies.  He was competing for a contract for Shell Oil, which he said he won and was so happy about it, said everything was thanks to me.  The job site was in Nigeria worth 1,000,000 pounds, he said after the job was completed he was going to come to Mexico to meet me and also my family.  As soon as he got to Nigeria, he phoned me saying his daughter was sick back in Manchester and his mom (Catherina Lisa Murphy) was taking care of her but did not have the money to take her to the Doctor, so he asked for my help and I agreed to help him ( my first mistake) he kept asking for money for one thing or another, and I believed him, I even felt sorry for all his trouble ( I was so stupid), he took from me over $5000 u.s Dollars.  Now I am getting mails from Western Union, Lagos NIgeria saying they got some people there part of a big scam and my name came up in their confession, now they say there is a fund for all the people that got ripped-off and I will be compensated for 200,000 dlrs (another scam), please be carefull in all those dating sites.
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answered on Nov 26, 2011 at 23:53
I was in contact with Sean 45 from Manchester, UK, the Corrosion Analyst with a daughter od 8 Shania and with a mother in Bolton. I paste the message he wrote to me about the contract. I think it is the same that he sent to you. I'm from Croatia, and I never borrowed him the money because I never met the person even if I had feelings for him, and there was too many suspicious things in his mail. Sometimes I had the sensation I runned a monologue. He never commented a great deal of topics in my mails. The most suspicious thing was that i signed a contract without any money and that he had to borrow money from his friends to order some chemicals from China (and he couldn't find even 100 pounds from his friends for his mother). That was a little too much suspicious. He always accented that everything that is his is mine, and it always made me laugh because I thought that right now I have more than him..
I paste the mail telling that WE won the contract.. Hope you will answer to me:
Hello My Sweet Love,

Am so so happy to read a wonderful mail from you this afternoon too,i know that you are having a great day today as you celebrate Jasmina's birthday,i am so so happy for her and please say Happy Birthday from me to her,i wish i am there to watch you as you celebrate with her.

Well honey i want to let you know that we won the contract baby,they just called me now honey and told me that i have been given one of the contracts and that i came first in the presentation baby,so i will be given the privilege of choosing first honey where i will like to work baby and from the things i read in what you sent to me about Nigeria,i am not going there anymore and we made a decision last night honey and i am sticking to it,Liam my son to be is against Nigeria and you are too so who am i to go there when i know that in your hearts that you will not be comfortable with me being there,i know there are  a lot of bad things happening over there baby,so tomorrow i will be going to sign the contract papers,I am so so happy and i am smiling and laughing as i write this letter to you baby.
I really want to use this opportunity to thank you for everything you have been doing for me,thank you for the love,support,motivations and everything that you have given to me through out all this days that i am working hard for this contract to come through,thank you for the patience that you had for me even when i did not write mails to you,you still have faith in me and held on no matter how i made you feel,i thank you so so much and i really do not know how to thank you enough,You are so so treasured baby and there is no one for me if not you baby.

I will be going to my mother's house to share this good news with her but i will have to go and pick Shania from school before going there,i hope to see you online tonight so i can tell you more about everyman and the plans i have to make baby,i seriously cannot do all this on my own and i want you to know that you are strongly a part of this contract and one of my shareholders baby and i want is your unshaking love and strong support in all this baby.

I have to stop here for now and i hope to talk with you tonight baby.
Know that i love you so so much baby and i treasure you more than you treasure me honey.

Kisses and hugs.
Yours Sean.

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answered on Apr 6, 2013 at 09:45
He is still "working"

The name of my "corrosion analyst" is Roy Larson, London UK, his wife was died to cancer..., mother is living in Bolton, daughter Jessica 10 years.
..."oh baby, the contract we´re talking about is 1.800.000 pounds...." He had to go to Nigeria to repare vandalized pipelines. He even sent me a passport copy. I got suspicious and read in internet, uuuhh...!
I´m from Germany and this man wrote to me in Jappy Forum. Before I answered to him, I was contacted by three other men, living in "London". All profiles are closed now.
Hope, a lot women are reading this, before they spend money.
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