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asked on Oct 15, 2010 at 21:05
by   angel
After reading all of those posted, i want to know too if the package sent to me which was put on hold at malaysian custom thru this "premier express courier services" is not a scam. They've jst email me about the charges and asking me to send it htru western union to a person named nobolo nkuru of 182 jurduwara st.,georgetown malaysia. I am expecting a package also with a laptop,blackberry celfon,also a ring,and etc. I have  chatmate online and make me believe he'll meet me in the phil and he want me to book a hotel for him so thats why he sent with money in it which was detected at malaysian custom last monday. parcel ref-DCS/81764/H497 with a contact person in malaysia named Mohamad Hassan with contact nos:+60164240413 or +60103978960. i havnt send money yet bcos i wnt to know first if this is not a scam. me.I also have a copy of the airway bill by premier express courier service scanned and sent via email to me by my chatmate.
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answered on Oct 16, 2010 at 22:02
by   benjie
hi, the same thing happened to me, my supposedly "boyfriend" from US sent me a parcel that contains a laptop, jewelry and undecleared cash which will be delivered to me after 3-4 days. But after 3 days, i received an email telling me that I should pay the clearance and administrative fee of 290 USD. I paid the fee via western union but no delivery was made instead, they are asking another 480USD for the penalty of the undeclared cash. Now, they are threatening to file a case against me if I dont pay the fee because of some IMF laws that I violated.


I just want to ask if they can really hurt me, can they really file a case against me? What should I do with the emails? Please help me.

Thank you.
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answered on Oct 17, 2010 at 01:59
by   vkpc
There is no parcel. There is no premier express courier.
Your boyfren is not from UK or US.
He is an African staying in Malaysia.
Some have to bank in to a person's bank account, no company bank account.
They think you are stupid or what?
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answered on Jan 26, 2014 at 06:59
by   ambotuy
try to check my blog maybe its the same scammer i posted some pictures and numbers they use also.mostly their victims are those people who are working abroad...
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