Parcel on delivery hold in Customs

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asked on Apr 4, 2011 at 04:59
by   Grace
edited on Apr 19, 2018 at 20:48
I have a friend and she found a friend from UK through a chat platform. She said her friend sent her a parcel which will be arriving in Malaysia but the parcel was on hold by the customs because of some reasons.

The Malaysian Customs asks for some charges with regards to the parcel. We are doubtful of it and would like to ask for help to verify this issue if it is true. My friend had already paid some charges...

The email sent to my friend:


With reference to the delivery of your package From Mr. TOM SMITH. I wish to bring to your notice (Receiver) that your package has been placed on hold by the Malaysian customs for some reasons which happened to violate the shipping policies. As the goods were brought on transit point at KIAL MALAYSIA then for further destination Taiwan , at the transit check point, they detected that currency were included in your parcel. Thereby, certain commissions must be paid as customs duty via us which is for the immediate clearance of your package. For the main time refer on the 'status' of your package during tracking, this is in accordance to the mode of operations in the Courier sector for financial delivery. We have already taken order number for this package from the custom.

Outstanding Charges:
Administrative -- $ 400
Clearance -- $ 450
TOTAL == $850

A total sum of $850.00USD (EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY US DOLLARS ONLY) has been charge. In Acknowledgment to this email, account details shall be provided to you for the payment as stated above for the release of your package,

ADDRESS: 6th & 7th Floor, Bangunan Salau Bau, Jalan Masjid, 93400, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Thank you, as we hope we have made ourselves clear to you by this notice as directed by the management, Please contact our Asia branch for the clearance of your parcel as soon you make the payment, scan a copy of the pay slip to this email.

For more inquiry call: +60-1-03409870

METRO LINK FREIGHT is A New Company that has it representative part of the World and whenever we have Asia delivery all parcel, consignment, are on transit to Spain Egypt Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from their Your Parcel can be Shipped Your Address as Given Thanks for Using METRO LINK FREIGHT SERVICE the fastest and convenient means of delivery.



Further to our correspondence, we acknowledged the receipt of the amount you sent via our delivering officer, we have paid the clearance charge and insurance on the process to release your parcel from the Malaysia custom, Enforcement Unit, required (Anti-Terrorist Certificate) to prove that the funds detected in your package is not meant for the sponsor of Terrorists or Drug, and they have find out the money in the parcel is not declear in United Kingdom.

Note that you are required to present IMF CERTIFICATE before the parcel will release, we will obtain the certificate and present to Malaysia Enforcement Unit for the release of your parcel.

You are advised to do this without further delay, Do not hesitate to call or email us, if should you need any further information and clarifications. Looking forward to hearing from you. Staffed by friendly customer service professionals, METRO-LINK FREIGHT SERVICE is ready to assist you with any request or query about our range of on demand international and nationwide door to door express delivery services.

Thanks for your cooperation.

METRO LINK FREIGHT is A New Company that has it representative part of the World and whenever we have Asia delivery all parcel, consignment, are on transit to Spain Egypt Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from their Your Parcel can be Shipped Your Address as Given.

Thanks for Using METRO LINK FREIGHT SERVICE the fastest and convenient means of delivery.

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answered on Apr 5, 2011 at 13:50
by   vkpc
ABDUL RAZAQ MOKENA is an african staying in Malaysia.
There is no Tom Smith.
There is no package.
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answered on Apr 5, 2011 at 13:52
by   vkpc
Some more Metrolink don't have fixed line telephone, have to use handphone.
On top of that, don't have company account to bank to, have to bank in to personal account.
They think your fren is stupid or what?
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answered on Apr 25, 2011 at 19:08
by   scammedandangry
edited Apr 19, 2018 at 20:50
I was scammed the same way, same scenario. Sent 900 US dollars to Metrolink in Malaysia. They are asking for 1,500 more which I am not sending.

The account sent to me was:

ACCOUNT: 910299997304
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answered on Apr 30, 2011 at 19:48
by   lvstupid
edited Apr 19, 2018 at 20:57
Same as above name I was also scammed by that name indicated, Kartika Bte Ahmad, which I was shocked to find in this forum. These people has been harrasing me too much. They have given me other information to process my parcel:

Name: 1.) Salina Binti Mohammed
TMN Setia Jaya
Kuala Lumpur

Name: 2.) Michael Osie
1 Jalan USJ10/1F4760
Daru Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel. 60 162769581

Hope these scammers will be stopped and be sent to jail.
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answered on Mar 9, 2012 at 07:42
by   bobo
edited Apr 19, 2018 at 21:02
He (or she) did the same to my mom. After 10 e-mails with David Cater (his/her nickname), he sent e-mail to her, that is something wrong with her package, what he sent her with many presents and a lot of money.

He wrote her this e-mail:

Honey you can get back any amount you spend for the charges from the money inside the package, I am not really doing much well with my project here due to this our situation and I want everything to be well soon. Please honey do try your best to make the payment to them so that the package will be delivered to you as soon as possible because I wouldn't want any of those items to get lost because I bought them all for you and I want to see them on you when I'm going to be there with you after my project here.

I love you so much honey and I hope to hear a positive answer from you.

Forever Yours,

David Cater.


Please locate and do the payment with our Accounts officer below:

Account Name: Kartika Bte Ahmad

Account NO: 910-2-9999730-4


Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank

Bank Address: 1, Jalan USJ 10/1F 47620 UEP Subang Jaya Selangor, Malaysia

Note: Your payment is ($930).

Please make your payment as early as possible today. Immediately after payment is done, please call and send to this e-mail a scanned copy of the transfer slip for official recording purposes. Conclusion: As soon as we receive confirmation and evidence of payment of the charges, we will dispatch your parcel immediately within few hours. The expected time of delivery will be sent to you.

We are glad to be of service to you,

Thank you for using Ecolink Shipping Service for your delivery and other business needs.

Present your order number when calling so that we may honour your calls.

We are glad to be of service to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms Fazura Bte Faiza

South East Asia Regional Co-ordinator
Ecolink Shipping Service LTD Malaysia Branch.
Tel:             (+60) 166201255                   (+60) 166201255
Be afraid of him. It is a deception.

I hope that he will be arrest as soon as possible
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answered on Jun 2, 2013 at 00:29
by   chilli
edited Apr 19, 2018 at 21:09
I want to share too.. lost over 1k pound in a day! Because of the trust to ''ROMEO''.

Hello my Dear!!

Hello dear how are you doing today? I hope you are doing fine and great? well I just finally got time here and I decided to send the parcel to you as I already promise you which has been in my mind and same time for me to prove how realness I am to you.
I sent to you a brown parcel, wallet perfume, a new brand HP product, laptop computer, new Apple Nokia phone, one set of gold neck-lace with ring earring, camera, rose flowers, handbag, wallet, England books, computer game, video game, under wear, bra, long pant 3 set each. I am sure you will like them when you get the parcel soonest. I really want to make this as a surprise to you but I guess I have to let you know that I put the sum of 1,000 pounds inside the laptop compartment.

The purpose of this is to assist yourself and put things in order for us to meet in person coz that's my intentions and goal.

Honestly I want you to understand that I am doing this with you coz I believe and trust in you and I wish to meet you soon and spend time with you there in Malaysia   if you don't mind coz I am ready to do all it takes just to be with you and see smile on your face.

Here is the courier service information I sent.

With this you will know the day of arrival of the package. Now like you know I am traveling back to London for my rig work and business very busy now and don't have much time for online. Let me know when you get the package coz I am on offshore at the seaside project so might not be out till two weeks I guess. I attached the brown box sent. The box key number 233 left and 333 right to open the box.

Take good care of yourself and let me know the new development. Here my second number phone no +447024032783
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answered on Apr 4, 2018 at 20:08
by   Near cheated
Acc No: 762-175-3439
Bank: CIMB RM5000

Found another scam treat, she can’t speak well and talk tone unpleasant, mark and blacklist her!
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answered on Apr 19, 2018 at 20:00
by   Farik
Lodge a police report at your nearest police station and they will blacklist such account on their website:
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