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asked on Mar 21, 2013 at 10:32
I was one of the love scam victim. I met this guy on face book. He actually looking for a soul mate. The story he told me about his life and how he has been cheated by the wife really make me blind and have no doubt about him. I believe and trusted all the story line until I was the one who got cheated. The story begin when he wanted to send me some gifts for valentine.I was okay with that as I thought it just a little gift.Unfortunately it was not a little gift, but it was a box of parcel containing valuables item such as laptop,jewelries,hand phone, I pad and etc.... The next day I received an airways bill from the company. 3 days later I received a call from a women informing me that my box has already arrive in the country and I need to pay off the clearance fee to custom department for a smooth delivery and I have done the payment as instructed. The next day I received another call informing that they cannot do the delivery due to some funds founded inside the box, therefore I need to pay some amount for money laundry..then only I realize that I am a victim..please be ware chatting or dealing with stranger on dating site, they will not help us but will screwed us down,,they acted sweet but the truth is they are so cruel...
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