Malysia scam

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asked on Mar 30, 2013 at 09:57
I met a friend on the internet that did the same as what I have read here. He told me he believed in God and said all the right things and played me like a fool. Then he came in and made me feel like I was falling in love with someone that was a picture and sent picture of his private. he was just all that. Then he said he worked for shell oil company and had to go out to fix an oil spill in and then he would come to the U.S. He said he went shopping and bought all kinds of Jewelry and that he was sending a check to have cashed when he got here from the company that he works for that supplies the 259 chemicals they use to clean oil spills with. Then he changed his number to another number right before he leaves to go to the rig. He gives me a new number to call and tells me to call him anytime and to track the package it should arrive in 4 days. well on day 3 it was stopped in customs and they needed 2800.00 to release the package. So I called Mr. prince charming and he says oh my GOD what am I going to do I need you to help me I am out in the middle of the ocean and I can not loose that package. I am thinking it is a check you can get that rewritten. I tell him what is in the package that they said they stopped it because of detection of money he said he left money in a shirt pocket. I told him I did not think that would be enough to stop a package, and I did not have any money to send him to get this package. That is when Prince charming turned into a wolf he told me I was the weirdest person he had met and that he could not believe that he ever trusted me and that I was heartless and cruel. He asked me why I did not care about the situation he was in, and I had no idea of how much he was going to loose. I told him I was a Poor American and could not help him. Then he snapped on me and told me that if he got charged with money laundering he would rope me in. I was scared at first then I told him there would be no way because I had no idea what was in the package and that I was protected from people like him by the Good Old United States. the next day his Facebook profile was gone and probably all the numbers are no good. One of the numbers I think they I believe he is in on this with a woman because the bank he gave me to send the cash was to a woman and he gave me her address which I am sure is fake but I did get to tell him what a fake he is. I also told him I am not sure what God he trusts but that I do believe you are the Devil. Be Ware Of Prince Charming he went by Edwards Downson and his accomplish is Patricia Geraldine Sta. Maria. He claims to be from London in the UK. my lesson from this is be ware of prince charming he know exactly what to say to get to you. If you come across someone wanting to talk relationship and marriage and they have not had a Facebook account for at least 5 years or can not send you awebcam picture of you do not talk to them
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answered on Aug 6, 2013 at 04:32
My mother met a man by the name of edwards downson who says he was born in poland but lives in London uk. He claims to be over in Malaysia right now with his job which Is importing and exporting motor parts. He also says he has a teenage daughter and his wife died. My question to you is there any more information you can give me about this man because my mom is falling in love with him and after reading your post he ssounds like the same man .. he knows all the right things to say to make your heart skip a beat. I have Skyped with him and he is the same man as his fb page...Please help they have been talking since April
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