Scam Case to deliver Indonesian Maid

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asked on Apr 3, 2013 at 23:31
by   kstham2
Please advise me for appropriate legal action for a suspected cheating case to me. A lady; not registered domestic helper agency promised to deliver an Indonesia maid to me in early Nov-2012. I paid RM1,000- downpayment as requested via MayBank2U on 21-Sep-2012 and subsequently requested me to bank in additional RM4,000- on 12-Oct-12 to her Maybank account number Total RM5,000-. 
She delivered someone without passport document handed over to me on 3-Nov-2012 and ran away 6-Nov-12.  Subsequently she promised to repay me but only RM500- on her promised date; 18-Dec-2012.  She kept delay, ignored and broken promise to my repeated demands for repayment from her.  I lodged a police report on 15-Feb-2013 and informed her. She then repaid me RM1,000 on 25-Feb-2013 and promised outstanding payment on 25-Mar-2013.  However only another RM500- paid and ignored my phone call.  To-date pending outstanding sum of RM3,000-.  I told can directly go to Megistrate Court 9 to fill up form for debt collection < RM5000.  Please advise me the details.  Many thanks in advance
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