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asked on Apr 11, 2013 at 11:24
My scammers name is Adrian Sevnik, he stated he was a widow with two teenage daughters from the UK. Director of Operations for a shipping company. Today, I received the same message that he needed to send his money to me to keep it safe because his ship was having mechanical problems and sea pirates from Indonesia are blocking the sea about 312 KM from them and the nearest place to anchor is Labraun Island somewhere in South Malaysia. I told him he could send it but I would not deposit it into any of my accounts and put it in a safe deposit box for safe keeping. I also told him that I would not cash or send any checks, money orders, cashiers checks, etc.. This is the second time he tried to get money from me. About two weeks ago he asked for $1950.00 to buy his daughter an Apple Computer she needed for school and since his credit card had been hacked he could not get it himself until he returned to the UK in June. Thanks to MoneyGram they would not allow the money transfer and I was saved undue hardship.
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