ben kelvin 419 dating scammer

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asked on Jun 15, 2013 at 23:52
He also send me the same message and he send me two pictures one much younger of him carrying a child and the other older with grey hair.  I believe this is not him but a 419 nigerian dating scammer.

We all need to be very careful with these dating sites. 


Recently I received many messages from dating sites from 419nigeriandatingscammers beware.  No matter what their stories, they sooner or later come up with something to scam us.  One sent me a waybill attached to email for a parcel sent to me, waybill looked real but having checked up on the courier company it didnt exist so scam.  Besides lets get real why on earth would anybody want to send us a gift or anything for safe keeping when they havent yet met us face to face it is all a scam.  They do their best to lure us innocent one's into their trap BEWARE so Guys and Girls be Very Careful DO NOT Fall into their TRAP.
I can provide all the names and email addresses of those who have written to me in the recent months doing their best to get monies out of me - trying to SCAM me no ways.  They are Ruthless and they don't care what happens to us.
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answered on Aug 24, 2013 at 03:27
im very sad that im avictim of this guy...he send me same email with u.he said in his email he send me a package with an expensive things like 42 inche tv apple laptop blackberry ang two set engagement ring etcahe give me the cargo or EACexpresaircargo,,after tree days one Filipina call my number and say mam u have package here in custum but u need to pay the tax im not thinking that it was a scam I send her ten thousand pesos.I send money to a Filipina woman name Johanna leduena with her contact number 09159574118.. she pretending that she is working in costum and ask 10 thousand pesos for my package from Benjamin or sending 10 thousand she will send me the package..after sending ten thousand pesos she ask me again 27 thousand pesos for anty money laundry coz custum notice that theres money inside the box,,,when she ask 27 thousand pesos im thinking that it was really a scam
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