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asked on Dec 31, 2015 at 17:56
Court summon for long overdue for Condo maintenance fee. Hearing date on 13/01/16.. Once I received the summon on hand I rush to my maintenance office and discuss about this matter that I can’t make payment 1 lump sum but segregates to 3 installments because I have some other commitments. My condo’s maintenance clerk sounds like favor to me but since case already hand over to lawyer, acceptance of my request also must agree by lawyer. Then I start to call the lawyer to discuss and appeal my request to pay my outstanding in 3 installments. Whenever I called the lawyer’s office, the lawyer won’t be around, and several calls to her hp always respond busy call back later. She had feedback to me once to settle the outstanding in 2 installment payment about RM3,3++/- but I not agree but I’m not effort to pay that much. I sent her, my proposal that 1st Installment 31/12/15-RM2,000/- , 2nd installment 28/02/16-RM2,000/- & 3rd Installment 31/03/16-RM2,000/-.. She replied will get back to but until today the lawyer never respond to me….My maintenance office don’t want accept my payment they request me to check with lawyer.. but my lawyer can’t give me correct answer….If I can’t settle all this before the hearing date, can I explain all this in courts front of judge and request to accept my proposal that I only effort to pay RM2,000/- for next 3 months.
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answered on Aug 12, 2016 at 17:23
Hearing date on 13/01/16.

Any updates?
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