How To Evict Subtenants Without Lease

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asked on Jun 23, 2015 at 00:51
by   norliza_ramli13

Would like to seek advices on this matter:

I am currently living in tenanted house with several other tenants with no written agreement for more than 5 years. It means that all this while, we have a verbal agreement with the landlord. But in May 2015, due to some problems such as problematic tenants who bring damages to the property, the landlord has decided to prepare a written agreement which stated me as a sole tenant and eventually making me as a master tenant of the property.

In the written agreement, it is clearly stated that I am not allowed to sublet the property. I have informed the other tenants regarding the landlord decision and have given 30 days notice to the other tenants to move out from the property since it is clear that I am violating the agreement. The problem is now, the other tenants refused to move out. I am thinking of changing the locks and throw out their belongings from the property but I am scared it is illegal and I can be sued by the other tenants for that. Is there any other ways that I can evict them from the property without causing any troubles?

Thanks in advance.
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answered on Jun 25, 2015 at 00:34
by   vkpc
If you lock them out or throw out their things, you would be doing something illegal.

The correct procedure is to get a Court Order.
But why should you go through the trouble and cost to get a Court Order?
It would be easier for you to move out and let the landlord deal with them.
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