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asked on Apr 24, 2015 at 18:12
Dear Sir / Madam,

I'm on of the owner of Zenith Residence Condo at Kelana Jaya, Selangor. We are currently facing an issue, which we suspect that our monthly maintenance & sinking fund are misused or being jeopardized. FYI, our property now is being managed by a company, which was appointed by the Developer. FYI, the vacant possession of property was on May/June 2013. As per our SPA document, developer need to form JMB with the owners within 12 months after the vacant possession period. However, up to today (May 2015), the developer still dragging & delay to form the JMB by giving lots of excuses. This lead to the under performed property management company still continue to manage our property. The property has been poorly managed throughout these period, while owners have to pay high maintenance fee of RM0.33 per sqft for the subpar services. We've requested the developer to terminate this property management company, but our complain fall into deaf ear as the developer seems to favour to their appointed management company. We've demanded the property management company to give us the summary of account and the bank statement, in order to have a clear view of hows our money were spent and how much balance on our fund. However, they refuse to give us, eventhough we have requested formally by sending legal letters from our lawyer. We have report the case to police (Kelana Jaya Branch), which more than 40 owners have reported. However, there is no further action taken so far as the police officer told us that they will only forward all our police report to the developer & management company for their attention only. Please Help us!!!!
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answered on Apr 26, 2015 at 04:56
We did complained and write to COB.. Guess wat.. COB do nothings... And we found out that rhe COB is very close to the datuk (developer).... As usual lah in this Bolehland.... All about money & politics...
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answered on Apr 26, 2015 at 05:41
Without JMB, we can't apply for individual water meter... Hence the property management is charging us a super high water bill monthly... Like it or not, even you dont use a single drop of water, you still have to pay RM10 monthly... We did confronted some of the vendors doing the sub par maintenance works.. We questioned them... Of coz not the boss lah, but the workers... Although no solid proof as what been told is verbally without B&W, we've been told that some of the issue complained are not their fault, as it was an installation / under design / undersize by maincon / developer.. They were instructed to keep quiet and try to bypass or temporary make good the system and wait till the DLP over... Which mean they are trying to buy time...Btw, our complained group consist of over 50 owners, which we did try lots of way for the past few months.. Is not that we just try some police, macc or online forum effort only . We wrote to COB, appointed a lawyer to represent us (80+ owners has signed the lawyer appointment letter), did find system specialist to counter check the building design and etc.. We even did complain that the constructed auto boom gate is too narrow and not according to authorities standard.. They replied that all the design and construction is being signed off / approved by authorities, hence they are abiding the law... Guess luck is on our side... There is one small fire incident happenned at the shoplot downstair one day. And the bomba truck were stucked at the boom gate, unable to enter... The fire fighter have to walk in...and we immediately complained to the Bomba PIC officer there and told him that we've already highlighted this issue earlier to the developer, but fall into deaf ear... The Bomba told us that they will file a summon to the developer.... One week later, we saw the boom gate are demolished and reconstructed to widen the ingress. Besides this, We did even write to the developer and wanna make appoitment with the developer high level managment executive to address our issues, and guess wat... All this efforts were blocked... The just send their representative, a project manager, to perform donkey show... Keep on giving empty promises week by week, but no action taken... Given an adequate timeframe for them to solve the issues which both parties (we & the developer) agreed on the dateline during our weekly meet-up,  however, they still failed to deliver any action. When we asked and force him to give us the solutions & revised dateline, all he can answer is "we're still working on it, and i do not know how long it will takes'... Blarddy hell... Ask him to solve the drain water clogged issues, he takes 3-4 months just to get quotation from vendors ( and he #### proud to inform this as his progress after few months lapses)...we may not have aolid black & white proof, but we are not blind to see smth fishy is going on at the back...btw, for those who keep blasting us of wasting time doing wrong things/ barking wrong door and go look for solid evidence, i'll wanna tell u guys that if i have the solid proof, i wouldn't be here wasting my time in this forum seeking for your opinions and guidance... I rather spend my time in court and start F**king those blardy guys..
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answered on Apr 26, 2015 at 06:01
Further Q's
1/ What is the average market value of an average unit and its maintenance fees?
Market value - Rm580 - rm650 per sqft / maintenance fee - rm0.33 - rm0.40 per sqft

2/ One carpark or two per unit?
Mostly 1.. Some got 2

3/ What are the types of ppl that is staying inside, middle class, up class? Doctors? Engineers? Lawyers? Teachers? Average office workers? Illegal immigrants?
Middle class - we have engineers, architects, doctors, businessman, banker (owners), it specialist, property agent and other professional working class, mostly age between 30 - 40 ... As well as limited unit stay by student, african, bangla (tenant)

4/ Most of the units, owners staying or rented out?

5/ If rented out, what would be the average rental?
Rm1800-2000 (empty) - rm2500 semi firnish, rm3k above (fully furnish)

6/ A brief description of this place? How many blocks, storeys, how many guards were hired? Cleaners workforce?
2 blocks, 15 storey, 300+ units, security guard <10 (security fee deducted from our fund monthly ard rm20k), cleaner 4-5 (fees rm10-15k)... We got this info from the previous Building managers (building manager turn over quite high here, almost 4-5 manager resigned being replaced within a year)... Now u underatand why we were so angry, money was spend and services given s**ks!!
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answered on Apr 26, 2015 at 07:10
btw, for those who keep blasting us of wasting time doing wrong things/ barking wrong door

Why are so angry with me.?? "keep".. I only wrote once. Is this the way ppl in this forum asking for "help"? Why are you so rude in your anwers, Do direct it to your developer. This should not be the way to treat, at this point time, possibly the only active forumer who has the experience to deal with this type of issues.

By anwering the Q's asked, be obligued to give you an answer..

security guard <10
2 + 2 x 2 shifts + 1 supervisor
Fair workforce. Going rate $7.50/hr

cleaner 4-5 (fees rm10-15k)...
2 cleaners per block + i team leader
$1800 for 10 hrs work per pax(excl machinery costs) Team Leader plus $200

Building managers (building manager turn over quite high here, almost 4-5 manager resigned being replaced within a year)...
Indications of serious disputes between Developer and owners/residents. Experienced Building Managers are very smart to see signs of discord.

Form a RA, force a JMB, convert to JMC

Final transmission
bYEbYE and Good Luck

"canon" here represent unity as a strong force. It can even blast a hole thru the Great Wall Of China
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answered on Apr 26, 2015 at 23:44
Normally things will get worse after JMB is formed because there will be more politicking.
Be thankful with what you have now, stupid.
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answered on Aug 10, 2016 at 09:15
May I know the name of the property management agency involved? Thanks
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