Zenith Residence Condo - Kelana Jaya

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asked on Apr 24, 2015 at 18:12
by   MW Seow
Dear Sir / Madam,

I'm on of the owner of Zenith Residence Condo at Kelana Jaya, Selangor. We are currently facing an issue, which we suspect that our monthly maintenance & sinking fund are misused or being jeopardized. FYI, our property now is being managed by a company, which was appointed by the Developer. FYI, the vacant possession of property was on May/June 2013. As per our SPA document, developer need to form JMB with the owners within 12 months after the vacant possession period. However, up to today (May 2015), the developer still dragging & delay to form the JMB by giving lots of excuses. This lead to the under performed property management company still continue to manage our property. The property has been poorly managed throughout these period, while owners have to pay high maintenance fee of RM0.33 per sqft for the subpar services. We've requested the developer to terminate this property management company, but our complain fall into deaf ear as the developer seems to favour to their appointed management company. We've demanded the property management company to give us the summary of account and the bank statement, in order to have a clear view of hows our money were spent and how much balance on our fund. However, they refuse to give us, eventhough we have requested formally by sending legal letters from our lawyer. We have report the case to police (Kelana Jaya Branch), which more than 40 owners have reported. However, there is no further action taken so far as the police officer told us that they will only forward all our police report to the developer & management company for their attention only. Please Help us!!!!
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