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asked on Jul 31, 2003 at 18:04
by   keriso
Hi there.

I would like to check regarding the status of a house listed as bumi lot. According to some people, this cannot be transfered to a non bumi. Some on the other hand says it is not a problem possibly lengthy. Since one of the house i am interested in is both a bumi lot and a leasehold one - can it then be sold by to a non bumi. According to the owner, he says this is not a problem. I heard stories some saying that this cannot be transfered at all or it takes a long time.

Actually what is the legal status of the bumi lot. To my understanding this mean this lot has been reserved for a bumi during the initial sale. Few days ago our DPM says that there is no requirement to abolish this because bumi houses can be sold to non bumi. So am i right to say this?

And secondly, can a bumi lot be legally sold to a non bumi and if this transaction cannot be done, what are the legal reasons behind it. Is it because they need to keep a certain quota in that area?

Any advise/comments anyone?
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