2nd hand Apartment

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asked on Sep 9, 2014 at 15:22
I had brought the 2nd hand apartment. The ex owner left many rubbish, cabinet inside the apartment. Can the clearing expenses claim from vendor? Are this is vacant pocession? The lawyer just told to me i need to clear by myself because the venfor reject to clear it.

Beside that, the vendor did not return the access card and sticker to me. I need to make the police report and pay RM100 to get the new access card and sticker. Can i claim from vendor?

The electrical bill did not settled by vendor, the lawyer also do not know. Just say management office did not inform her. Are this acceptable?

The key of the letter box did not pass to me, the lawyer also did not ask. I am unable open the letter box unless i find the contractor to break it? Are this acceptable?

The apartment is very dirty, smelly, many old things/goods left by vendor. Are this can claim back from vendor? The function in the apartment is damage, can claim from vendor..

Thank you
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