Refuse to pay rental

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asked on Jul 23, 2014 at 05:13
The story is like this, the tenant is moved into my house at 15/7/2014 and did not pay any deposit and rental. I will let him move into my house is because he told me he will pay after he move in. On 22/7/2014, I called him and ask him whether the rental and deposit izit ad bank in to me or not..n there is no mistake for my bank account no and my name, but there is an error on my IC no..and he told me he transferred the money to me based on my IC he said if my IC no is wrong then the money will go to another person account .the first thing come into my mind , how can we transfer money without account no but using a IC no? He tot I dunno about internet. Therefore I think that he is lied on me and do not transfer the money to me. and I ask him to bank in to me by 23/7/14. The question I want to ask is if he do not pay the deposit and the rental what legal action can I take and the problem is the agreement haven't stamped yet due to the wrong IC no.
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