Tenant problems

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asked on May 26, 2014 at 13:47
Hi,i have a problem with my landlord ,she is being annoyed all the while.At first,water plumbing hd problem when i moved in,she took 2 months soft water plumbing,and because of this matter ,water bill come out's rm 322.80.She been argued is my kids naughty purposely open water tab (my kids are 3 yrs old n 1 yrs old)
.2nd ,i paid her cheque every month time by time, last month april,she bank in without write her name in. when the bank called her ,returned cheque she started blame me ,im not a good pay master etc.Last month ,i get her name and bank account details,i do the banking for her. After a week ,yesterday she dropped by my door step ,said she wan to sell off her property ,inform us move out by this 15th of june 2014. and given letter notice without tenant signature .And she just willing give us deposits onli rm rm1600 and rm500 utilities.Our contract is 3 year death,i live with family here only 5 months. Is that all the landlord should return to us ?
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