Being charged for maintenance fee that was already settled

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asked on Mar 7, 2013 at 08:34
by   condo_dweller
Hello there,

I am hoping someone could help to advice on how to take this 'case" further and if I could sue my JMB.

1. I stopped paying my maintenance fee in protest since July 2011 till July 2012. The fee per month was RM446. I started seeing my name on the defaulters list soon after with total outstanding of RM11k. I was a little surprised but kept quiet to see the next month defaulters list. Same amount was posted for a few months after. Until I stopped my payment in July, I have had 0 outstanding. I checked with the condo management (now my condo is managed by property company) and I was given a total lump sum of payment to be made. I then asked for breakdown list, which they couldn't provide. It took them almost 2 months to provide the list and I noticed, my payment outstanding was as far as Jan 2010. I provided them with a payment receipts issued by the JMB committee appointed person ( which at that time property company wasn't appointed yet. The manager from the condo management office then assured me it will get sorted and till today, I still see my name on the defaulters list with RM6k and during my last payment which was in Jan 2013, I have settled the entire payment for 2012. They are giving me run around by constantly changing different managers and the JMB committe is seems to be hiding as well as they were the people who issued the payment receipts for me.

Btw, the current JMB committee talks to ppl like thugs and they do whatever they like. They only speak to the property management guys and the property management guys are very scared of them as if they are being paid from their own pockets. Today was the final straw, as I was asked to come to the office on the 7th March to settle the issue and collect the apology letter from JMB, and nothing was done.

Now, question is, I cant wait any longer. I have done eniugh running up and down trying to discuss and sort this issue amicably but they seems to be ignoring me. How can I approach them to sort this issue? Can I contact COB directly to report this matter?
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answered on Mar 7, 2013 at 09:41
by   condo_dweller
Update as of 7th March 10:30am ~ Contacted COB (DBKL) and apparently they have written to JMB Chairperson seeking clarification on other complaints from other residents and so far they yet to reply,makes me to think if JMB chairperson might not even fear COB or believe they could take actions against them? *sigh*
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