rights to property after renting out

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asked on Feb 21, 2013 at 04:13
by   Syahrain
I own a condo unit that comes with a parking lot.  Recently I rented out my unit and the rental agreement was signed.  Now it is understood that when I rented out the unit obviously my tenant will have the use of the car park lot, even though there is no mention in the Rental agreement.  However, my tenant does not own a car but he did mention that he intended to get one in the future. I recently found out that for the past two months someone else is using my parking lot.  I contacted my tenant and was informed that he is letting his friend use it.  To this, I informed him that he needed my consent for that and whilst I have no quibble over anyone else using it, his friend wld have to pay me a fee for the usage.  I have already explained to him that the car park lot is only for his use only.  But he is now disputing this and claimed that he has the right over the car park and that he can let anyone else uses it.  And if I insist on the payment, he wld take it out from the rental.

The real estate agent who arranged for this rental told me that once I rented out my property I have no right to say anything about it because I have given the right to the tenant for the duration of the tenancy agreement.    I really need advise here on how to handle this matter and to confirm that my claim is valid.  Please help.
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answered on Jan 10, 2016 at 05:09
by   Belle123
Even though this is more than 2 years ago, i think it will useful for others to remember adding a no-subletting clause of any part of the property. It is just like the facilities of the condo, only the tenant and his family living in the unit.
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