non-competition employment agreement

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asked on Jul 28, 2014 at 14:05
Hi.would like to get some advice from you all.

I will work at new company soon and was asked
to sign the non-competition agreement.

Part of term is like below:

It is further acknowledged and agreed that
following termination of the employee’s
employment with **company name** for any
reason the employee shall not solicit business
from current clients or clients who have
retained **company name** in the 6 months
period immediately preceding the employee’s
The part that I can not really confirm /
understand are like below.
1) Is the part "shall not solicit business from
current clients" also included in the 6 months
period or not?
2) "preceding the employee’s termination". Does
it means before termination?

Hope someone could help to clarify.

Thank In advance.
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